Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Offensive player to watch

NASHVILLE, TN- SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Corey Davis
NASHVILLE, TN- SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Corey Davis /

The Tennessee Titans offensive player with the most to gain on Saturday.

There are a lot of players you could watch on Saturday when the Tennessee Titans take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I took a minute to think about players like Derrick Henry, Jonnu Smith and others but I think the Titans player to watch is pretty clear.

With his first real opportunity in a preseason game where he sees more than a drive or two, I am looking for Corey Davis to make some plays.

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First and foremost, I want to see this happen because of his pedigree. Since he entered college until now, he has:

-63 of 68 possible games (in college and in the NFL)

-Totaled an NCAA record 5,278 receiving yards.

-Averaged 15.9 YPC on 331 college catches

-Finished with an NCAA record 52 TD catches.

-Had one of the best games by a Titans rookie WR ever in New England last year.

So there is a lot of reasons to be hopeful for Davis. There is a small injury history, but like I said he has missed just 5 games in the last five years with an injury. That is a pretty small blip on the radar.

On top of that, the Steelers defense has been bad against receivers in the preseason. Between Shelton Gibson (Philly) and Jake Kumerow (Green Bay) the two combined for: 5 receptions, 191 yards, and 2 TDs with two huge plays of 82 and 63 yards.

If the Steelers defense is going to give up big plays, you would expect Taywan Taylor to be the culprit. However, the report out of camp is that they are starting to move Corey Davis around a lot in formations.

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That may not mean anything right now, but if they do think he has a grasp of all three WR positions, then I would love to see him move around and for the Titans to really try to find a way to get him involved in mismatch situations.

Sure, I want him to win in one-on-one situations on the outside, but I think he can do more than that. Get him involved underneath, let him run some screens, work him across the middle in play action, etc.

When you saw Corey Davis in college he wasn’t limited and had the skills and athleticism to do anything you wanted him to. With a new, intelligent offensive coordinator you should hope that all of the Titans players are put in positions where you expect them to win.

Whether they give him a lot of volume or if it is just big plays, I want to see Davis come away from Saturday with some film that makes other teams realize just how scary he can be.