It isn’t time for Tennessee Titans to worry about Corey Davis yet


Be cautious, but don’t worry about Tennessee Titans wide receiver Corey Davis.

Yes Corey Davis missed some of practice today, but no you shouldn’t be worried about the Tennessee Titans top pick from 2017.

When I say that, I think people get mad and don’t understand what I am saying. I’m not saying that you should be satisfied with what he has shown on the field so far and I don’t think he has earned the reputation that you want from a 5th overall pick.

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t be worried about Corey Davis’s career because he missed a practice in August.

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What we know:

Corey Davis played 50 games in college and played in 13 out of 19 games last year including 11 straight after his hamstring injury.

On Sunday he apparently left a boring practice early and no one saw him do anything, and only a few people even noticed that he left early. That led to Davis missing Monday’s practice, which meant the Titans fan base turned into a civil war. Was it something that was going to cause him to miss a month or was it just a rest day?

Well today we saw that Davis went out there today, worked with the Titans in some walkthroughs and stretches and then went into the locker room without a limp. So what does that mean?

Honestly we have no idea.

We know that Mike Vrabel has been extremely cautious with injuries. His actions show us that he loves for players to practice, but that there is almost nothing to be gained from practicing in training camp if you aren’t 100% healthy.

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So it should come as no surprise that if Davis (a player that this team invested a lot in) isn’t 100% on a Monday in training camp, they are going to be extra careful and give him rest.

I think it isn’t anything to worry about, and if I had to predict (which I’m sure will go poorly) I would guess that he practices tomorrow and if he is great in that practice that he will play with Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense against Green Bay for a few snaps on Thursday.

Why you should be nervous:

Hamstrings are scary, man. Now, if you are a “burner” WR then they are an absolute nightmare, but still for any receiver it is scary to see a hamstring issue pop up because you never know when they are going to pop up again.

The fact that he came out to practice for any of today in pads and worked with the team for a little bit is huge because that is something we haven’t seen from any player so far. Through two weeks of practice it has been you are either in or out, no middle ground.

It would only really start to get more concerning if the Titans kept him out tomorrow, he missed the game and then he missed some practices after that.

Why you should be excited:

Instead of talking about why I am excited based on what he did last year, look at the top-10 plays that Corey Davis had in 2017.

That is the highlight video that the NFL put up on Youtube this offseason. Those are flashes of brilliance that often get reduced down to the two big catches he had against the New England Patriots in the playoffs.

Despite an archaic offense, Davis still showed top end body control, catch radius and focus on a lot of these catches and he did it on an offense that was predictable and obvious.

This is a guy with some great potential even though he hasn’t put it all together.

What does it all mean?

It is probably fine, and the fact that we saw him today should reassure you further. He didn’t go limping into the locker room or anything, he was out for the portion of practice that the coaches wanted him to do then he went in to rest and recover.

If I was putting money on it, I would guess that he doesn’t play Thursday but I am more confident that he will play now than I was on Monday.

All in all I think this is a small issue, and hopefully it is in the past sooner rather than later.