Tennessee Titans wisely passed on WR in the 2018 NFL Draft

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Taywan Taylor
FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Taywan Taylor /

Jon Robinson and the Tennessee Titans were smart to pass on WRs this year.

No disrespect to a decent class of WRs in the 2018 NFL Draft, but the Tennessee Titans were smart to ignore the position.

I think we all agree that last year the biggest needs were replacing the snaps left behind by Avery Williamson at ILB and to get a talented EDGE to be an impact player on this team.

The Titans quickly did that by getting Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry by any means necessary in the 2018 NFL Draft. You can nitpick about maybe value with Evans, but I think it all balances out when you think they ultimately got 2 of the 20 best players in the draft using their first four picks.

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The big issue is that it didn’t leave a lot of ammo to go after the other needs on the team. If you were looking long term those needs in order were probably:

1. WR3

2. SS (developmental to take over if they want to move on from Cyp with the new coaching staff)

3. QB2

4. EDGE4

With their remaining three picks they ended up actually trading up and getting safety Dane Cruikshank and landing QB Luke Falk with their last pick.

That leaves WR3 untouched (except by UDFA, but that is a conversation for another day) so why do I say the Titans were right to pass on WR once they got past round 4?

Look at this chart:

So basically what that chart is saying is that after the 3rd round, the chances of finding anyone to impact a roster for more than one or two years are about 5% at best.

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The Titans just invested a 1st and a 3rd on WRs to start. Those two along with Rishard Matthews really give you the best bet at WR. Behind that, they spent a 5th on WR a couple of years ago with Tajae Sharpe so they are looking for really one good year out of him at some point.

So while I agree a dynamic WR could change this offense, I think Robinson knows that he invested heavily in WRs the past few years and those players give him the best chance to improve the team when healthy.

Instead of trying another lottery ticket at WR, he invested in developmental players who he hopes play small roles this year and who are on the roster to provide good depth rather than take a huge chance on a player who may get some time.