Tennessee Titans offense will feature more Adoree Jackson

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Adoree' Jackson
FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Adoree' Jackson /

Tennessee Titans should expect more offense from Adoree Jackson this year.

A story has sort of picked up steam this week as Tennessee Titans CB/PR/KR/WR/RB Adoree Jackson said he wanted to be on the field more on offense. Well…yea, of course he does and for good reason.

Before we go any further here is the quote from Adoree Jackson when he was on NFL Network:

"“I’m that bug in his ear just trying to make sure I keep being out there if I can. Whatever he needs me to do. Focusing on defense and special teams as in returning, but if he throws me out there I’m going to be excited and fired up.”"

Few times in the NFL do you get to see someone who is exceptionally talented on both offense and defense.

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Patrick Peterson had a time where he was a part of the Arizona Cardinals offense and the Titans own Mike Vrabel was a big part of the redzone offense is certain situations during the “dynasty era” in New England.

However, Adoree seems like he could be even more of a factor.

Jackson is capable at lining up at WR and RB and actually doing things that they do. His play isn’t much different from new Tennessee Titans RB Dion Lewis when you think about it.

Speaking of New England Patriots additions, it is Malcolm Butler that could actually lead to more Adoree Jackson on offense.

Last year, Adoree Jackson played more snaps than anyone other than Tyrann Mathieu when you consider offense, defense and special teams. He is a dynamic special teams player so you absolutely don’t want to take him off of that unit unless you have to.

So if you want to add more snaps on offense without overloading him, maybe you can take some snaps away on defense.

Now, I should say that I really like Adoree Jackson and what he has grown into as a CB already in the NFL. If not for the quick rise of guys like Tre White and Marshon Lattimore who transitioned seamlessly into the NFL, people would be raving about Jackson.

But let’s say it is goal line or short yardage and you know the opposing offense is going to come out with two backs in the backfield and a tight end. That leaves two wide receivers on the field for your CBs to cover.

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Why not let Butler and Ryan take those guys and add a linebacker. Now you get a package where Jayon Brown is covering the tight end, Wesley Woodyard is in the middle and Rashaan Evans is on the other side.

Now you aren’t really cutting into his snaps so much as you are just playing smart football.

That opens up 5-10 plays per game easily. Since you know he can handle the workload, why not put Jackson on the field on offense for some of those plays. If a defense sees him in motion they have to account for him.

While I think Tajae Sharpe and Taywan Taylor can both be good WR3-type players in the NFL, Adoree Jackson brings a different dimension with his speed, acceleration, vision, and creativity.

Even if he doesn’t get the ball every time, Jackson could just be another way of running play action effectively which is the key to this new offense. Force the LBs to stop their feet and really read and think.

Just another reason why adding a guy like Malcolm Butler has gone under the radar, but could pay dividends quickly in ways that people aren’t even thinking about.