Taylor Lewan will be worth every penny for the Tennessee Titans

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 24: Taylor Lewan /

Why no cap hit is too high for Taylor Lewan and the Tennessee Titans.

The NFL is nearly at an all time low in terms of offensive line talent, which means that if you have a great starter you need to do everything to keep him. That is why money should be no issue between the Tennessee Titans and Taylor Lewan.

Now, you have to expect some jostling for position in negotiations right now. Lewan’s agent isn’t just going to be able to walk up to Jon Robinson and say give me a 5 year, $100 million contract with all guaranteed money.

But realistically if Lewan tops the market that is completely fair.

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Look at it this way, in 2013 Joe Thomas was in the midst of a ground-breaking extension that set the market for long term deals for offensive tackles. He took an offer for a 7 year, $84 million extension with $44 million guaranteed.

Meaning he was making $12 million per year with $6.3 million GTD per year. So how does that compare to today?

Well, Nate Solder hit the market this offseason. Being generous, he is a slightly above average OT and he is 30 years old. Still, the New York Giants (desperate for OL help) gave him a 4 year, $62 million deal with $34.8 million GTD.

Broken down, that is $15.5 million per year with $8.7 GTD.

Now the NFL is not a totally predictable league, but I think anyone without bias can say that Lewan is better than Solder and is three years younger.

With the rising OT market and a lack of talent coming out in the past four years (maybe three or four above average LTs?) Lewan would reset the market again if he were to hit free agency.

There is no reason why the Titans should shy from a contract worth anywhere around $17 million per year with $9 GTD.

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People are afraid of spending cap money, but if you offer him a 5 year contract (any longer and you can probably get a discount), the cap hit will be much smaller at the end than now.

With the cap escalating about $10 million per year the Titans would have to do a lot of work to hit the cap ceiling, even with Marcus Mariota set to get an extension. Teams just don’t run out of cap space anymore.

So if the cap isn’t a real issue, and if you are one of three or four NFL franchises with the chance to have bookend tackles why wouldn’t you do that?

On top of that Lewan is a “Nashville” guy. Whether it is all a business move or genuine love, he is a season ticket holder for the Nashville Predators and is a local celebrity that gives this team an identitiy.

If Marcus Mariota is the future “Face of the Franchise” then Lewan is the “Voice of this Franchise” and there is a lot to be said for that. You shouldn’t break the bank for personalities, but the rare player with a personality AND top-end talent is worth breaking the bank for.