Tennessee Titans: Why Sam Hubbard is a Day 3 pick

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 02: Fullback Austin Ramesh
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 02: Fullback Austin Ramesh /

Why I don’t share the love for potential Tennessee Titans draft pick Sam Hubbard.

For a while now one of the easiest dots to connect is that the Tennessee Titans would have an interest in Ohio State EDGE, Sam Hubbard.

I am in the minority, but I don’t think Hubbard should be the Titans pick on either Day 1 or Day 2.

Let me explain what I value in a Day 1/2 pick. I think that player should either have really high upside, or they should be ready to play 75% of the snaps or more at an above average level.

I don’t think Hubbard will be that guy, but some people do. I tweeted this and got an interesting response.

This is a strong statement, and Bosa was someone I loved two years ago. So, I decided to go back and try to look at Hubbard with a clean slate. Here is what I found:


Effort guy who always stays moving

Nice Frame

There aren’t really any GIFs on this, but he is 6’5, 270 lb which is really solid for an EDGE prospect, especially if you want an every down defender in a 4-3.

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The Tennessee Titans coaching staff is going to know the ins and outs of Hubbard better than anyone. Kerry Coombs was on the coaching staff at OSU last year, so he has seen him grow and develop as a collegiate athlete.

On top of that, I believe that Mike Vrabel actually recruited and coached him for a year, so he should have a good feel on him as well.

If any staff is going to overdraft him based on the energy he may bring to practice and his effort on the field, it is the Titans…if Jon Robinson lets the coaching staff sway him.


Loses balance often

Not productive, and when he is it is because someone else screws up

Not the athlete that you would think based on his testing

Always had a Bosa to lean on

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There have been two years in Sam Hubbard’s career where he has had 6 or more sacks. The first season, was when teams started paying extra attention to Joey Bosa while he was on his way to becoming a top-5 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The other one was last year where Nick Bosa was on the other side. Nick Bosa coincidentally had more sacks and TFLs than Hubbard last year, despite being a true sophomore.

And that is a HUGE part of understanding what Hubbard is. He is a complimentary EDGE player who needs a dominant player opposite him to be a real contributor. He is never going to be the guy that teams scheme against and say, “we have to stop that guy first.”

That is fine, but I don’t think that is someone worth a first round pick. Your first round players need to be guys who either can fill a major need, or players with a lot of potential down the road. I just don’t see that in Hubbard.

What do the number say?

I didn’t want to just go off my opinion though, so I contacted Jim Cobern and asked him to run Hubbard’s numbers vs Joey Bosa’s. This is what he came up with:

https://ton.twitter.com/i/ton/data/dm/989174196407275524/989174191655211010/Idl0IpdI.jpg:large /

So Bosa is better in every category except explosion, and he was significantly more productive in college. That is a huge deal.

When it comes down to it, Ben Gardner is someone who showed a lot of the same athletic potential and production numbers as Sam Hubbard.

Gardner was more productive than Hubbard and still was only a 7th round draft pick, ultimately not sticking in the NFL.

All these factors just turn me off from Hubbard as the main guy brought in to fix the issue at EDGE. If the Titans bring in someone else and want him to be the future #2 guy, then fine but he just doesn’t make sense as a high pick to me based off of the tape or the data.