Tennessee Titans should sign Dez Bryant


The Tennessee Titans should make Dez Bryant an offer.

This probably won’t happen because about 20 teams in the NFL should be on the phone with his agent, but the Tennessee Titans should sign Dez Bryant.

The argument against Dez Bryant as a concept usually comes down to two things: attitude and taking away from young players.

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I get these arguments, but I don’t think they should really have an impact on the Titans decision to sign Dez Bryant. Of the two I think that the attitude is the biggest question, is he going to be the team first player that this team wants?

I don’t know about that, I can only speak to what he does on the field. Speaking of which, you have to know that Bryant is a high variance players. He doesn’t have amazing hands, but the toughness in his routes and the physicality is something that the Titans don’t have.

With variance comes inconsistency, and as many people have been quick to point out consistency is something that Jon Robinson treasures. That is absolutely true as a general rule, but Robinson did bring in Andre Johnson, Eric Decker and Harry Douglas.

Between those three there were a lot of ups and downs and very little consistency. If there is going to be a WR like that on the roster this year, I would rather it be one who can be physical and carve out a clear role on this team.

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Also, it should be noted that this team is probably going to add a receiver this offseason, whether that is in the draft or free agency is yet to be determined. I don’t love this draft class at WR, even though there are some mid-round guys I like. I don’t know that anyone would have the upside over the next three years that Bryant has.

I will leave with these tweets concerning Dez and what he could be on this offense:

Find a way to get Corey Davis, Rishard Matthews, Dez Bryant, and Delanie Walker on the field with Marcus Mariota at QB and Matt LaFleur calling plays and I promise something good will happen.