3 Tennessee Titans free agency targets at EDGE

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 10: Tom Savage /

Who will the Tennessee Titans bring in for competition?

Competition is the buzzword as the Tennessee Titans enter their pre-draft conditioning. However, there is one spot on the roster lacking competition: EDGE.

The Titans depth chart at EDGE right now is very predictable:

Starters: Derrick Morgan, Brian Orakpo

Backup: Kevin Dodd

Lottery tickets: Aaron Wallace (also at ILB), Josh Carraway

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That is solid up top, but uninspiring below with little to no chance that any of the bottom three ever see anything more than 20% of the snaps at EDGE next year.

While we expect a draft pick to be involved, the theme this offseason has been competition across the board. What I mean by that is, someone should be challenging this status quo now for the Titans, they shouldn’t play wait-and-see.

I mean, just look at what Mike Vrabel said yesterday about the additions of Will Compton and Bennie Logan:

“I think they all understand that we’re going to try to – Jon and I – we’re going to try to provide competition at every position within the roster. We’re also expecting them to compete, in the classroom to learn, to compete on the field. Whether that’s running, whether that’s lifting – they’re pro football players, they’re pro athletes. They understand that there’s a competitive spirit that needs to be in each and every one of us for us to reach our full potential.”

It is comments like that that make me sure that the Titans are not only going to work some guys out, but sign an EDGE before the draft.

Now, obviously at this point in the offseason you aren’t going to get an All-Pro, you are going to have to be alright taking someone older as long as they fit what you are trying to do.

I think there are three veterans that make sense for a one-year deal with the Titans.

Connor Barwin

In each of the last six seasons Barwin has had at least 5 sacks. He probably isn’t an every down player, but guess what he doesn’t have to be with the Titans. On 3rd downs you can bring him on and get creative with how you use Orakpo and Morgan so that you can get all your pass rushers on the field.

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Tamba Hali

I don’t know what exactly happened last year between him and the Chiefs coaching staff, but it was clear that situation was toxic at the end. He needed a fresh start and the Titans may be just the place to give it to him.

Sure I am a little bit biased for him because I think he has had an underrated career, but if Erik Walden can take off later in his career why can’t Hali get back to his old form in a reduced role?

Elvis Dumervil

In 3 healthy seasons with Dean Pees in Baltimore, Dumervil averaged nearly 11 sacks per year. Then one year later as a rotational pass rusher with San Francisco he had 6 sacks.

People forget about Dumervil because he hasn’t played with a contender in a while, but he has quietly been one of the most productive pass rushers in the NFL since 2009. While he may not be an every down player (none of these guys are) he has a great skill set as a pass rusher and can offer a lot of value to the Titans.