2018 NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans trade down

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 16: Tony Brooks-James
LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 16: Tony Brooks-James /

A different look at the Tennessee Titans options in the 2018 NFL Draft.

I don’t think the Tennessee Titans will trade down in the 2018 NFL Draft. If I was going to explain why I guess my biggest reason is that I think Jon Robinson has done a good job plugging the holes on this roster.

Over the last two years, Robinson has:

-Replaced 60% of the offensive line and turned it into a top-5 unit.

-Upgraded every single defensive back position including two Super Bowl winning cornerbacks and an All-Pro safety.

-Invested in talented wide receivers who should flourish under a new scheme.

-Finally brought in a capable backup QB (beat Tennessee and Jacksonville last year).

-Brought 2 of the top-5 most elusive running backs in the NFL to Tennessee.

-Made sure the tight end position is set for years to come.

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Really, the only positions that haven’t been thoroughly upgraded are EDGE and LB, thought keeping Woodyard last year turned out to be a masterstroke as he had a career year for next to nothing.

So I think one difference maker in the front seven could turn this team into a real contender for the AFC Championship. If that is true, then what does trading down do except limit your chances to find that player.

For all of that, I will say that if the draft fell like this I think it really would be great for the Titans and Jon Robinson would get that 7th pick that he probably wants so badly.

Thanks to Fanspeak for the draft simulator:

Tennessee Titans receive picks: 35 and 64

Cleveland Browns receive pick: 25

This is the best case scenario for the Titans if they want to trade down. Tennessee now has three second round picks and 4 in the top-100 and really only had to move down 10 spots to do so.

Who did Cleveland pick with the 25th selection? Marcus Davenport EDGE, UTSA. While that hurts now, the Titans will make up for it in a second.

Round 2, pick 35: Leighton Vander Esch LB, Boise State

In a first round with 11 QBs or OL taken, a 1st round talent at LB falls down the boards. So the Titans have landed the guy they would have taken at 25 even with Marcus Davenport on the board.

The Titans now have Woodyard and LVE starting in base packages with Jayon Brown ready to come in and be the coverage specialist in sub packages.

Round 2, pick 57: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo EDGE, Oklahoma

A name that has sort of fallen down the draft boards because of other players “rising” OO could be a perfect fit for the hybrid defense that the Titans want to run.

In the past two years he has 29 TFLs, 17 sacks and 5 pass breakups which means he can rush the passer, make splash plays vs the run and play in coverage. That is the type of EDGE player that would fit really well with this defense.

Round 2, pick 64: Deshon Elliott S, Texas

Elliott is one of the top-5 safeties in a class with a lot of talent. With 8.5 TFLs and 2 sacks, he has shown that he can be used in the box, but he is really good at tracking the ball and crushing bad QBs when they over throw passes (Blake Bortles).

Pairing him with Kevin Byard is a luxury, but it is one the Titans can afford now that they have 3, 2nd round picks. Now the defense has a new impact player at every level.

Round 3, pick 89: Anthony Miller WR, Memphis

The Tennessee Titans have shown this offseason that unless you are a Pro Bowler or All-Pro, you are going to have some competition in camp. The did it with the interior line, there will be competition at the RB position and Blaine Gabbert will push Marc- hahaha, alright that last one is nonsense.

But still, the Titans have to like the depth they have at wide receiver, but the outside jobs are solidified. Corey Davis and Rishard Matthews will man the boundaries and it will be a competition between Tajae Sharpe, Taywan Taylor and now Anthony Miller to see who will play inside.

The last thing Titans fans want is a situation like they had last year where your top WRs aren’t really healthy and you have to rely on your depth players. However, if your depth was this good then the dropoff wouldn’t hurt the offense as bad as it did in 2017.

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  • Round 4, pick 125: Shaquem Griffin EDGE, UCF

    Honestly with his story and how well he reportedly interviews, this kid is a steal in the 4th round. With 18.5 sacks and 33.5 TFLs in two years as a starter it is hard to find a more productive front seven player in this draft.

    However, while there is some confusion on where to play Griffin, I think the Titans would use him the same way that the Titans want to use Aaron Wallace and how the Patriots used to use Jamie Collins.

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    Round 5, pick 162: Luke Falk QB, Washington State

    I don’t think backup QB is a huge need now with Gabbert being just 28, but Falk makes a lot more sense long term. I have said for a long time that getting a developmental QB is a great way to build draft capitol.

    It honestly doesn’t even matter if they are good, the NFL is so thirsty for QBs that if you show a glimmer of upside in the preseason teams are lining up to trade with you. So if everything goes well the Titans can kill two birds with one stone.

    Round 6, pick 199: Ito Smith RB, Southern Mississippi

    With over 1,800 yards from the line of scrimmage in each of the last two years, it is no wonder that the Titans are paying attention to Smith. This is about the time they took Khalfani Muhammad last year and it makes sense to try again this year.