Mike Clay: Tennessee Titans are a top 10 team in the NFL

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Delanie Walker
FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 13: Delanie Walker /

Mike Clay is high on the Tennessee Titans roster.

Tennessee Titans fans have known for a while that the roster is better than what most people give them credit for. However, it is nice to see it broken down like this by Mike Clay.

If you aren’t familiar with Clay, he does a lot of work breaking down position groups, ranking them and giving them a corresponding value then weighing that total.

Look no further than this tweet to understand what I mean:

So what that means is that the Titans have the fourth best OL Philadelphia, Atlanta and Dallas. OL is 11% of the final grading system, which is one of the reasons why the Titans are so high on this list.

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Going by this list, the Titans are the 8th most talented team in the NFL with only 4 real positions of relative weakness.

One of those positions is quarterback, which I think is brought down a lot by the offense the Titans were in last year. Now that Marcus Mariota has a full, healthy offseason and an offense designed by someone from the 21st century, he should be able to thrive like he did in 2016.

The other three below average positions are WR, LB and EDGE.

Again, I will use health and scheme to explain why the Titans WRs didn’t look very good last year. In an offense that tries to help wide receivers, I imagine that Corey Davis, Rishard Matthews, Tajae Sharpe, and Taywan Taylor will thrive.

The other two positions are the Titans two biggest needs going forward, so I think he nailed those. Tennessee clearly needs some youth at EDGE and another LB to pair with Jayon Brown for the future.

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When you look at the breakdown it is hard to argue that the Titans roster isn’t worthy of that spot. It is breakdowns like this that should reaffirm your faith in Jon Robinson and should make you excited about the future.

With the team more talented than it has been in a long time and with a coaching staff in place that looks very promising, the future is bright for the Titans. I look forward to watch them climb this list after the 2018 NFL Draft.