Tennessee Titans should sign Navorro bowman

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: NaVorro Bowman
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: NaVorro Bowman /

The Tennessee Titans need help at linebacker and Navorro Bowman may be the bridge they need.

Depending on where you look, smart people are mocking the Tennessee Titans either a linebacker or an EDGE in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Really right now they are probably 1A and 1B in terms of need for Tennessee.

On one hand, you have to worry about the depth issue at linebacker right now for the Titans. If you are going to play with 2 linebackers on the field, you are going to have to play Wesley Woodyard and Jayon Brown.

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That is a smart strategy and those guys are both really good, but after that you have almost no proven depth. If the Titans are going to take the next step this year they need quality depth and you don’t want to be forced into taking a player in the first round strictly to be a rotational player.

On the other hand, EDGE is a huge need long term. After next year both Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan will be set to be free agents and the Titans will be stuck with Kevin Dodd, Josh Carraway and Aaron Wallace as their starters.

Those guys may have potential, but that is a huge leap of faith. If that goes unaddressed Jon Robinson is going to have to invest heavily in draft picks and in free agency to avoid a huge drop off.

One way to fix that is to go ahead and draft EDGE in the first round, then find another developmental LB in the draft (which worked out well with Jayon Brown) to polish and groom to be a starter in 2019.

To help with that, you should sign a veteran role player at linebacker to fill that gap. The best option right now is Navorro Bowman.

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Bowman was Evan Silva’s top FA linebacker and the only one of the top-7 left available in free agency. He still has a lot in the tank as a run stuffing linebacker, and he would be the perfect compliment to the other front seven players on the Titans roster.

While he will be 30 this season, Wesley Woodyard showed last year that being an over-30 linebacker isn’t a death sentence.

He won’t make everyone excited like some other free agents, but it would give the Titans a clear path in the draft and it would allow them to kill two birds with one stone. This deal seems like a no-brainer.