Tennessee Titans Free Agency: You can find gold digging through the scraps

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 24: Julius Peppers
CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 24: Julius Peppers /

The Tennessee Titans can find some quality players in the depth of this free agency class.

NFL.com has put up their list of top 101 free agents in this class, and Tennessee Titans fans should probably start scrolling.

What I mean by that is, last year on that same list the Titans didn’t end up with any of the top-10 free agents. In fact, they didn’t even get one in the top-20.

No, by their rankings it was the 23rd overall FA Logan Ryan that was the crown jewel of the Titans free agency class.

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Honestly, that kinda makes sense with everything Jon Robinson says. He has preached this year getting the “right 53” on the roster as opposed to the “best 53”. All that means is that he is valuing fit over potential upside.

That isn’t the wrong idea. It has won championships for many teams in the past and if you can understand what your coaches want to do then it is absolutely the right way to build a team.

So, I am going to go ahead and dip out of the top-15 and look at some players that I would really like to see as fits with the Titans.

19. Dontari Poe, NT

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on upgrading at the nose tackle position this year and I understand. For me, I am actually alright with Austin Johnson and Sly Williams manning the center of the DL.

However, I get wanting a true blue-blood type player at the position. Having said that, I always prefer to spend cap not draft picks on players like NT/G/ILB/S/RB/C/TE positions like that with low “positional value”.

So I would much rather go after a now-healthy Poe (played 32 of 32 games in the regular season the last two years) going into his 28 year old season on a two year deal to solidify that DL.

20. Justin Pugh, IOL

This team needs a guard at some point this offseason. Now whether that is someone behind Levin or someone for Levin to back up is the big question.

If they are going to go after a starter they could do a lot worse than going after Pugh. My one big issue with him is that he is a left guard and the Titans already have a left guard.

While some people may scoff, it isn’t the same thing to just move over to the other side. It is easier to move out to left tackle from guard than it is to move from left guard to right guard. If the Titans are comfortable with that I would be behind this move.

36. Jack Mewhort, IOL

Again, another solid not spectacular guard prospect. The big difference here is that Mewhort has experience at RG and could be cheaper and an easier transition into this offense.

The question mark with him is his injury history.

40. Julius Peppers, EDGE

Last year the Titans took a flier on Erik Walden and it actually worked out really well for them. Despite having just 4 sacks on paper, Walden was a good rotational EDGE.

Quietly, Peppers has been one of the most dominant EDGE players that no one talks about. He is going to be 38 this season and since turning 30 he has averaged 10 sacks per year. That is an insane stat.

That isn’t a stat that is tapering off either, over the last 3 years he has 29 sacks including 11 last year. Yea, that is a guy I want on my team now.

Dean Pees has worked with older pass rusher before, squeezing 11 sacks out of a 35 year old Terrell Suggs last year. So this is a perfect fit to me.

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50. Josh Sitton, G

Like the two ahead, except older and better.

75. Trent Murphy, EDGE

A guy who looked great when healthy and probably will carry the price tag of a 3rd EDGE which is the role he would play in Tennessee. At least for next year.

There are more that people have talked about before, but those pop out to me as guys who maybe aren’t getting talked about as much who should be on the Titans radar.

If I had to pick one player I think the Titans would go after, I would say it would be Mewhort.

My favorite target on the list would probably be Julius Peppers though. Looking just through what he has done over the last three years, he would be the best 3rd EDGE in the NFL with the Titans.