What mega deal do you wish the Tennessee Titans would make

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 1: Outside linebacker Von Miller
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 1: Outside linebacker Von Miller /

What mega trade could the Tennessee Titans make that would take this team to the next level?

Historically, teams never trade young talent however maybe times are changing and if the are the Tennessee Titans need to capitalize.

Today we saw a rare trade where the best cornerback in the NFL was traded. Not only that but he is still cheap (on his rookie contract) and he is only 25 years old.

Things like that never used to happen, but the Kansas City Chiefs are rebuilding and I guess they think that they are strong enough at DB to make a move like this.

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If you had to pick from the rebuilding teams in the NFL to poach a star from who would it be?

Before we go too deep into this, these are the teams I would consider to be “rebuilding”. They are teams that aren’t really in a championship window and they are a year or two away from needing to develop a new QB:

-New York Giants

-Denver Broncos

-Miami Dolphins

-Cincinnati Bengals

-Arizona Cardinals

-Los Angeles Chargers

Those are the teams that I think are about to enter those rebuilds, and there are a couple of stars I would love to get.

Disclaimer: Understand, the Tennessee Titans would have to make a huge move to get these players. A 1st round pick is probably no negotiable and they would probably have to throw in a 2nd or 3rd+ to get a deal like this done.

I also don’t think any of these players would be traded, but honestly until about an hour ago I didn’t think Peters would be traded, no one did. So these are the 3 players that jump out to me.

Joey Bosa EDGE, LA Chargers

Man I would move heaven and earth to try to get Joey Bosa on this team. Bosa is an elite pass rusher who can win just about any way you want him too.

I think he is Jadeveon Clowney, but probably two or three tiers above him. He is relentless on the field and he has quickly become one of the most productive young EDGE players in the NFL.

I could easily see Bosa carving out a JJ Watt-like career with Mike Vrabel and Dean Pees as his coaches and the Titans would have an elite piece on the defensive line.

Von Miller LB/EDGE, Denver Broncos

This one is actually more believable than some of the other names you could put on this list. Miller is the best pass rusher in the NFL if you ask me, but he is 29 years old and he had his worst season statistically since 2013 this past season.

If that franchise that is in desperate need of overhaul on the offensive side found a way to pick up a 1st round pick and a couple of Day 2 picks for Aqib Talib and Von Miller I think they would jump on that opportunity.

Chandler Jones EDGE, Arizona Cardinals

No one in the NFL is disrespected as consistently as Jones. Look at this from Justis Mosqueda:

That is right, over the last three years Jones has been a more productive pass rusher than your favorite defensive end or linebacker bar none. He has 10(+) more sacks over that time than Melvin Ingram and 6 more than Von Miller.

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And yet, he was traded for a 2nd round pick by the Patriots in 2015. Currently he is 18th on the NFL active sack leader list.

He is just half a sack behind Brian Orakpo (drafted 3 years before Jones) and Carlos Dunlap (drafted 2 years before Jones). Despite some injuries he has also never had a season with less than 6 sacks, and he has 11 or more sacks in his other 4 years including leading the NFL with 17 this year.

While you probably didn’t expect him on this list I would absolutely give up those picks for a player like him.