Which Tennessee Titans player would you franchise tag

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Kicker Ryan Succop
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Kicker Ryan Succop /

If you had to tag one player with the Tennessee Titans, who would it be.

There is about a 1% chance that the Tennessee Titans are going to franchise tag anyone in this free agency class.

However, if the Titans were absolute dead set on using the tag to keep a player on a short deal that wouldn’t affect the long term cap, this is the easy way to achieve that.

Jon Robinson is never going to be a guy that uses the tag often because the value just isn’t there. If you are going to give a guy a lot of money guaranteed, why not just sign a long term deal and try to front-load it?

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Robinson (like most GMs) seemingly hates to be put in a position where he “has” to do something. Last year the Titans needed WR and CB, but if there was a top-end EDGE or ILB, I think he would have pulled the trigger if the value was right.

He also does a good job seeing into the future. Not just in the draft where he correctly predicted that there would be a run on WRs early, but in free agency and beyond. He rarely gets caught looking at a free agent he wished he could keep.

Look at the Delanie Walker extension earlier in his tenure. He knew that he was going to keep Walker around for a long time and didn’t wait for Walker to drive up the price with more good play. Instead he extended him and now he has a developmental TE behind him to make sure that he has options down the road.

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Likewise, I think he drafted guys like Jayon Brown, Corey Levin and LeShaun Sims so that he could make business decisions on guys like Avery Williamson, Josh Kline and Jason McCourty respectively.

So the franchise tag is something that I can’t see him using frequently. I guess these are the names to watch:

-Ryan Succop, K

-DaQuan Jones, DT

-Erik Walden, LB

With Succop being the most likely to actually get the tag. That is the one position where I think there may be some value just in terms of not over-commiting to a kicker.