Ranking the Tennessee Titans needs: #5 QB

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 10: Marcus Mariota (R) and Matt Cassel
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 10: Marcus Mariota (R) and Matt Cassel /

A look at the Tennessee Titans fifth biggest need, quarterback.

When you have backup QB as the fifth biggest need for your team, you know your GM is doing a good job. The talent Jon Robinson has quickly accumulated for the Tennessee Titans is impressive.

However, the backup QB position is one that I think needs to be addressed for a few reasons.

Current status of the position

Right now, if Marcus couldn’t play the Titans would have to rely on Matt Cassel to be their starting QB.

Cassel is a nice guy and I am sure the players on that team love him, but you can’t in good conscience have him as an option to start a game next year after what happened in the Miami Dolphins game earlier this year.

Behind him, Alex Tanney and (for some reason) Brandon Weeden would be the guys that Mike Mularkey and company preferred. Again, I don’t know how you could let that be the situation now that you have seen them practice and play in the preseason.

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Cap situation

The Titans don’t need to pinch pennies, but do you know that cutting Cassel would give Tennessee $2 million? That is a decent amount of money that could be put towards a bonus for another player if the Titans find a cheap (rookie) backup.

What should they do?

Well, speaking of cheap rookies there are quite a few mid-tier QBs that the Titans could target in the middle of next year’s draft. All of them have obvious flaws, but when Jacoby Brissett was at NCST he could barely top 60% completion rate (for reference Mariota was at 67% for his career).

So here are some names that pop out to me as middle of the pack guys:

-Mike White, WKU

-Luke Falk, WSU

-Riley Ferguson, Memphis

-Kyle Lauletta, Richmond

-Quinton Flowers, USF

Those are the rookies I could see the Titans looking at from round 4 on, and I think most of them will be there.

If they do decide to add someone in free agency, the odd man out seems to be Teddy Bridgewater.

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Bridgewater hasn’t been stunning, but he has been pretty good and probably hasn’t had the career he would have needed to if he was going to go straight back to being a starter after that terrible injury.

So, a two-year deal with the Titans where he got to show he was healthy for a big workload in the preseason and maybe a few games here or there with the Titans could be a great way to parlay into a good deal in the future.

If he played a lot immediately because the Titans were blowing teams out or if (please God no) Marcus missed a few games, and if he was good maybe he would even be trade bait for the Titans.

No matter what they have to do something at the position. It is great to have a franchise QB, but everyone gets hurt at some point in the NFL so you need to be ready if and when that happens.