Tennessee Titans draft: The dark horse choice

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Could the Tennessee Titans make a unique draft choice late in the first round?

Understand, this is absolutely not what I want the Tennessee Titans to do in the 2018 NFL Draft.

I think they are best suited going hard after EDGE or LB in the first round given the talent that should fall to 25. Not only that, but they need someone young in that front seven that is a real impact player, they don’t have that right now.

At linebacker, you could get a strong inside player to compliment what you should get from Jayon Brown. Pair athletic cover linebacker with sideline-to-sideline thumper and let them grow into their roles next to Wesley Woodyard.

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When you talk about EDGE, you have to worry about contracts. EDGE players are expensive, even if they are just average or above average. Knowing that, you have to assume that it is going to be hard to get a talented starter in free agency.

With Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan set to be free agents after next year, it isn’t like Jon Robinson to let a need go unaddressed and force the Titans into a bad situation. I think EDGE has to be the first or second pick for Tennessee.

However, there is another option that people keep talking about. No, not tight ends you out of touch big media “experts” who just want to dump someone you like to a team you don’t think people will pay attention to. No, what I mean is interior offensive line (or IOL).

There is some validity to this. The Titans have to figure out the future inside and I don’t think that includes Josh Kline. Robinson could be looking to add talent there earlier than we think.

Real quick side note

Again, I said I don’t think the Titans should go after IOL in round one. There are a few reasons, but I will keep it to two.

Firstly, I think Corey Levin is athletic and has a lot of upside. Jon Robinson wasn’t just drafting someone for depth, I think he firmly believes that he can challenge for a starting spot now that he has developed and practiced against NFL caliber defenses for a year.

Secondly, a ZBS takes some pressure off of the IOL. If you are the guard or center on a stretch run, if your defender doesn’t keep gap integrity your job is to wall him off and create a cutback lane.

If the Titans add a RB with vision (Sony Michel) then they can get away with the level of guard play they have now and still be very good.

Ok, back to the article.

If the Titans really are interested in offensive line, there is a name I expect them to look at hard. No, not the Nelson though bottom of the 1st is probably where he should go. Also, not Will Hernandez, who probably fits that range too.

No, the person I think the Titans will look hard at is Isaiah Wynn. Let me check off some reasons:

-Started 41 games

-Decorated player

-Progressed every year

-Played against the hardest competition, including playing in the championship game.

Another reason why they will love him is because he is playing tackle at the college level. While I do not think they will look at him as a starter at OT, Jack Conklin’s injury late in the season sucks.

There is a good chance that when Week 1 rolls around, Conklin will either be just now getting playing time or he will miss a game or two. The Titans may feel comfortable with Dennis Kelly, but if they don’t then what do they do?

You can’t cut a talented depth player on the OL just to have a tackle for two games right? So the perfect solution is to draft Wynn.

The plan for Wynn with the Titans would be:

-Let him practice with the starters at RT during camp and during the preseason.

-Let him also get some work with the 2nd OL at RG.

-Play RT until the Titans feel comfortable with Jack Conklin coming back at 100%.

-During that time use Corey Levin as your RG.

-Move him inside to start at RG once Conklin is back.

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Now you keep a talented group of OL together and you also get production out of your first round pick.

I don’t think this would happen, but Jon Robinson loves big maulers on the OL (Conklin, Tretola, Seaton) and Wynn can probably be that guy inside.

If all J-Rob has 5 EDGE players with 1st round grades and 3 ILBs with 1st round grades, and all 8 players are off the board what does he do? He could trade down and he might, but if Wynn was there with either pick and he had a late 1st as a grade on him, would he reach for a greater need?

It will be interesting to see, but it is a move we should all consider because unlike the other IOL you see mocked to the Titans, Wynn has versatility and could actually earn a 1st round grade as an IOL because he has the ability to play some tackle in his career.