Tennessee Titans could be traders in 2018 NFL Draft


The Tennessee Titans could be trade down candidates again in this draft.

With Jon Robinson at the top, you never really know what to expect when the Tennessee Titans are on the clock.

Robinson is a trader by heart and would love to move around and collect picks in the draft. See, to a lot of GMs a draft pick is a mix between a lottery ticket and a bet slip.

What I mean by that is the more lottery tickets you have, the better chance you have to hit a home run. On the other hand, this isn’t just pulling names out of a hat, a lot of research goes into these picks.

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Big steals in the draft are rarely a result of pure luck or pure evaluation, but more a combination of both. Either way, it is always better to have more draft picks than less.

The way to do that is to trade down. This year, the Titans are great candidates to trade down because of how strange this QB class is.

Sure some people love the QBs at the top and we aren’t going to make it out of the top-10 without seeing 3 QBs taken: Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.

After that, you have Josh Allen who GMs have a really strange attraction towards despite all the warning signs being in place. So, expect him to be number four (or even number three) off the board. That will probably mean four go in the top 15.

Now we are sitting here with Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph are both going to be attractive by the time the Titans get ready to make their pick. There are four teams that I could see being VERY interested in those QBs: Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New England Patriots.

The Jags aren’t getting the pick unless the Titans get a future 1st and some change. They are not giving this pick to them.

That leaves 3. The highest bidders would probably be Pittsburgh and New England. Both should be bidding against the other so that they can land their QB of the future before their QB of the present is out of the building.

With both teams on their last year (or so) of the current HC/QB combo, it is a great time for the Patriots to get someone Josh McDaniels likes and it is a great time to find the next guy for Mike Tomlin with the Steelers.

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I don’t know that the Titans can get an extra 2nd round pick, but they may be able to either swap their 3rd for the NE/PIT 2nd rounder or get a 3rd flat out to switch 1st rounders.

The trump card could be if New England calls Robinson and offers him the 31st and 63rd pick knowing that they have an extra pick in the 2nd thanks to the Jimmy G trade. That would be a great deal for the Titans and the Pats get to grab a QB they like.

It will be interesting to see what rumors come out of the Combine this year, but I expect that you will hear something about the Titans wanting to move down or you will hear about him talking to the New England staff a lot.