Tennessee Titans coaching staff tracker

HONOLULU, HI - FEBRUARY 5: New York Jets wide receiver Rob Moore
HONOLULU, HI - FEBRUARY 5: New York Jets wide receiver Rob Moore /

Just a quick go to for Tennessee Titans fans.

So, there has been a flurry of hires by the Tennessee Titans over the last three days.

Some fans were prepared, but most weren’t and the flood of new personalities has left several questions for fans, mainly “What positions still don’t have a coach?”

I saw this tweet pop up and it is sparked me to write this little update piece. These are the coaches under contract right now and where they came from out beside them.

The names in bold are the big dogs and the names in italics are coaches that just recently were announced (after that tweet had been posted).

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HC: Mike Vrabel (Formerly Houston)

OC: Matt LaFleur (LA Rams)

QB: Pat O’Hara (Houston)


TE: Arthur Smith (Titans)


WR: Rob Moore (Oakland)

DC: Dean Pees

DL: Terrell Williams (Miami Dolphins)

ILB: Tyrone McKinzie (LA Rams)

OLB: Shane Bowen (Houston Texans)

DB: Kerry Coombs (DBU aka Ohio State)

ST: Craig Aukerman (Assistant ST Coordinator w/ Titans last year, Chargers in 2016)

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Now, this doesn’t mean that other jobs won’t pop up. Great coaches and teachers can always earn some superfluous title like “Assistant Head Coach” or “Run game Coordinator” or something like that.

As of right now though, these are the standard positions that need to be filled:

-Special Teams Coordinator

-OL coach

-RB coach

So the defensive staff is set and there is absolutely no shortage of talent on that roster. If Dean Pees decides that this is a one year gig for him then there are some really nice names that could replace him if that is what the Titans wanted to do.

The offensive side of the ball still has some important hires to make. Talented young players like Taylor Lewan, Ben Jones, Jack Conklin, and Derrick Henry still don’t have a coach in the building.

The last “big” job left on the board is the Special Teams Coordinator. I am really curious to see who they hire because if they can get someone who can find ways to get Adoree Jackson some return lanes this team could be explosive in every phase.

If the previous hires are any indication, the Titans are building one of the most talented coaching staffs in the NFL and there is no reason to expect that won’t continue as these other jobs get filled.

Body of work is clearly more important to the Titans than necessarily going out and grabbing a big name, but man they certainly are hitting on some guys with a lot of buzz.

This job tracker will be fun to watch as the staff fills out.