Tennessee Titans eyeing Philly for OC job?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Injured quarterback Carson Wentz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Injured quarterback Carson Wentz /

Could the Tennessee Titans be playing the long-game in the OC search?

The Tennessee Titans have interviewed Brian Callahan for the OC job…unless they haven’t.

So after Callahan was released by the Detroit Lions, the speculation was that he was going to be an OC candidate somewhere, and that may still be true. He does have a lot of qualifications that could lead you to believe that he would be a good OC.

However, he was also recently it recently came out that Callahan was willing to interview for the QB coach position again.

Alright…so that is fine I guess. The weird thing is why not wait until you know if you are getting an OC job before doing this interview?

Maybe the Titans interviewed him for A JOB, just not that one. Obviously I mean the QB coach job.

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So if they aren’t looking at him for OC, then have they looked at anyone? The answer is no as far as I can tell.

There have been names mentioned, and the one that has everyone salivating is John DeFilippo, QB coach in Philly.

Some people argue that the Eagles may not let him go, and may promote him to OC. Fine, all that means is that Frank Reich would be available.

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Reich has spent time around some great QBs in his time in the NFL, working with Andrew Luck (when he was good) and Phil Rivers, not to mention time with the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts as a WR coach.

He has done a good job as the play caller in Philadelphia so if he is out because DeFilippo is a rising star, odds are that the Titans could and should take a look at him too.

So what that all means is that if you don’t see any more smoke on the Titans OC job for a while, it makes sense to expect that someone from Philly is going to get a strong look when the Super Bowl is over.