Cheer for a Tennessee Titans win today


Today is a day to root for the Tennessee Titans.

I know a lot of you are on the fence, but trust me you need to cheer for a Tennessee Titans win today.

This is a question I have been asked all week and I think I need to come out and state my stance officially.

Here are the reasons why I want a win today.

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This coaching staff may not deserve a spot in the playoffs, but this team is loaded with players that deserve the post season.

Taylor Lewan, Marcus Mariota, Delanie Walker, Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan, Jurrell Casey, Jack Conklin, Rishard Matthews, Kevin Byard, Adoree Jackson, Logan Ryan, Wesley Woodyard, and plenty more have played really well over their Titans careers and don’t deserve to be a punchline this season.

Be a fan

This is what you sign up for when you become a fan of a team. Remember all those years where we stared up at the 8-8 teams in awe as the Titans won 4 or fewer games?

That isn’t so far away and while I don’t want to strive for mediocrity, the playoffs isn’t mediocrity.

I want a team that plays a meaningful game in January, and today with a win the Titans get that opportunity. To me, that would make this whole season worth it.

No guarantee that Mularkey is gone

Even if the Titans lose, there is a good chance that the HC stays. On top of that, there is a small chance that Terry Robiskie is still here if they lose so….WOOOOOFFFF.

Do you want to wake up tomorrow and start your new year with the knowledge that you aren’t in the playoffs AND the Titans aren’t making any changes. That is the doomsday scenario.

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No guarantee that Mularkey stays

We all know Jon Robinson is smart right? That is obvious and if he were born in any other state I’m not sure that we would have been lucky enough to land him as the GM.

Anyway, you have to know that he has seen this three game collapse and had some serious questions about a coaching staff that isn’t winning the layup games in crucial situations.

The Titans are going to finish the season without a losing record, but they will probably still have a negative point differential because of the inability of Mike Mularkey and this coaching staff to finish games well.

Robinson is from the New England school of thought where there is always something to fix, but I am not sure Mularkey feels the same. Mularkey seems fine winning ugly games and then denying that problems exist.

That can’t sit well with Robinson and the fact that he let a talented QB like Marcus Mariota regress without doing anything to help him out would put him on the hot seat for any decision maker.