Time for the Tennessee Titans vets to step up and win a game

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback Jared Goff
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback Jared Goff /

The Tennessee Titans need to find someone to lean on come Sunday night. 

The Tennessee Titans desperately need to find someone they can depend on to win them a game, just this once.

Look at the list of veterans that should be able to have a huge impact on Sunday’s game:

-Brian Orakpo

-Jurrell Casey

-Eric Decker

-Delanie Walker

-Derrick Morgan

-Wesley Woodyard

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Not to mention young stars like Taylor Lewan, Marcus Mariota, Kevin Byard, Adoree Jackson, and Derrick Henry.

Someone, anyone needs to find something deep down inside of them and realize that this game is one of the most important they have ever played. For these players the playoffs have already started.

Mike Mularkey is talking about the chance that Murray could play (which is insane) but hopefully this represents the fact that he believes that there is no reason to pull any punches this week.

The Jaguars have already turned themselves into full jerk mode by starting all their players and not worrying about injuries even though they have clinched the playoff.

Alright, that is fine. The Titans have beaten the Jaguars on the road with a healthy roster already, why shouldn’t they have confidence that they can beat them this week?

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Regardless of who they face, the Titans need to understand that they spend much of the year as a playoff lock. This is what they were signing up for when they were working hard in the offseason and when they were winning games for three months.

Regardless of what has happened up until this point, or who should be fired immediately after the season ends, this is what you play for.

The Titans have a chance to make the playoffs in Week 17 which hasn’t happened in what feels like a decade. I am going to the game this weekend to cheer Tennessee in the closest thing they have had to a home playoff game since 2008.

It would be great to see a full stadium, but more than that it would be great to see a team that is giving their all on the field. On top of that it would be great to see a coaching staff with a pulse on how to call a game.

Sunday may mark the end of the season for the Titans or it may mark the beginning of the postseason. I am going to be there to find out which and I hope you are too.