Tennessee Titans 2018 opponents announced and analysis


A look ahead to who the Tennessee Titans play in 2018.

The Tennessee Titans are potentially facing their last week of the season thanks to a collapse the likes of which few teams have seen recently.

While there is still some hope that the Titans get into the playoffs, a home playoff game is all but out of the question.

Tennessee fans are praying that they can get it together to win at least one game in a four week stretch or that they can get lucky and squeak in because of the collective weakness of the AFC.

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However there is always tomorrow, or more accurately there is always next season.

The NFL announced which teams would matchup with each other in 2018, though the dates are always withheld for a few more months as schedule makers decide how to get the spotlight on the most watchable or most profitable teams.

This is what we know right now.

Home games

Division rivals: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC East: New England, New York Jets

-Getting New England at home gives the Titans a slight chance to win, where going on the road is almost a death sentence.

The up-and-coming Jets should be trying to bring in a new QB and bringing him from the colder NYC to the warm south could be a nice complication for them.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins

    -The Eagles look dominant right now and if the Titans poach Jim Schwartz (you know, my dream scenario) then maybe having them come on the road could give the Titans two advantages against a very good team.

    Like the Jets, the Redskins could be breaking in a new QB and possibly even a new HC depending on how the season ends for Washington. Catching them on the road in a rebuild year could be good for Tennessee.

    Others: Baltimore Ravens

    -The Ravens haven’t had much recent success against the Tennessee Titans when playing in Nashville. A home game against a potential AFC wildcard team is always something to covet when you have your eyes on the postseason.

    Road Games

    Division rivals: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars

    AFC East: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

    -Buffalo is a tough place to play, especially if you have to go up there in the winter when it is almost always snowing or miserable.

    Miami on the other hand is supposedly a pretty nice trip and the Titans should be on a win streak there if not for some of the most awful officiating I have seen in recent history and an injured QB.

    NFC East: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants

    -Dallas is a wonderful stadium that typically isn’t a tough home crowd. After a disappointing year this year and with an offseason of potential question marks ahead this could be an interesting away game.

    -The Giants should be switching QBs and they should be in the middle of a huge overhaul. While I can see them being a bounce back team in 2018, I think the Titans should welcome the idea of going there and playing instead of going to a place like Philadelphia.

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    Others: L.A. Chargers

    -Hmmmm. This one is tough. On one hand, Marcus Mariota has a nice fan base there and his family will be out there to watch him. There is also the chance that Phillip Rivers is replaced this offseason, which would help a lot.

    On the other hand, the Chargers look really good lately and they have a nucleus of young talent that makes me nervous to play them if they ever get any sort of home crowd advantage.

    Overall I lean towards this being a good thing given how small the home crowds have been for the Chargers so far in L.A. and for the fact that if the Titans didn’t play them on the road they would have had to play Baltimore on the road.

    Quick prediction: 9-7