Tennessee Titans can clinch a playoff spot this week

BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Joe Flacco
BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Joe Flacco /

It is unlikely, but the Tennessee Titans could actually earn a playoff spot this weekend.

To give you a great idea at how royally the Tennessee Titans screwed up the last two weeks, despite losing two straight they can clinch a spot in the playoffs this weekend.

That is insane to me, that if the Titans had just won one of the games they had out west this year they would be near locks to go to the playoffs at this point.

Disappointingly, a series of bad coaching decisions, strange officiating, missed plays, and inability to execute led to two of the most disappointing losses in recent memory.

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Yesterday I wrote about how I blame the coaches and not the players, but surprisingly the coaching staff could save their jobs this weekend.

If the Tennessee Titans can come up with a way to slow down the LA Rams offense (which oh, by the way leads the NFL in points) they have a chance to win this game at home.

On top of that, if they could lock Terry Robiskie in a closet somewhere and let Marcus Mariota have more freedom, they would increase their chances even more.

If the Titans win on Sunday (which…yea…I’m not running to Bovada either) this is the scenario where they could clinch a playoff spot that weekend:

The Buffalo Bills face the New England Patriots who still have something left to play for, so that is a good sign. The hard part is the Baltimore Ravens play the Colts, at home, on a short week.

If the Ravens stumble and the Bills lose to the Pats, all the Titans would need is their fifth home win of the season to make the playoffs.

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I will never root for this team to lose games while they are still very much in the hunt for a playoff spot. While I hope a new coaching staff comes in this offseason, I hope it is because Jon Robinson sees the mess that the team is going through right now and doesn’t put up with it.

It would be a very aggressive move to fire a coach who just took you to the playoffs, but I would argue that it was the players playing above the scheme that led to those wins.

I have almost no faith that this coaching staff will ever take the Titans to a Super Bowl and if that is the ultimate goal then why would you settle for less?