Tennessee Titans luck splits both ways

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 12: Linebacker Jayon Brown
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 12: Linebacker Jayon Brown /

Are the Tennessee Titans lucky, unlucky or both?

The Tennessee Titans stand at 7-4 this season after an up and down season.

NFL.com’s Chris Wesseling tweeted out that the Ravens were more likely to make the playoffs than the Titans according to Football Outsiders.

That isn’t his opinion, he is just reporting the stats as he sees them. I commented on the tweet and there was a conversation about whether the Titans are lucky or not. Here is a piece of the conversation below that you can click on if you want to read the full thing:

Either way, it made me curious. Are the Titans lucky?

I mean on one hand you could argue that they are. They only had to face Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson a combined one time this year.

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On top of that, JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus (the Texans top two defenders) also will miss the next game against Tennessee. Oh, and Blake Bortles is still the QB of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That has made the division a two-man race at the top with the Titans taking the lead after a win in Jacksonville.

However, it isn’t like the Titans haven’t had their fare share of things go against them. I could write 1,000 words on it but instead I will just give out the bullet points:

-Marcus Mariota missed a game due to injury and then played hurt for two games.

-Corey Davis and Johnathan Cyprien missed the first half of the season.

-The Jaguars (the chief competition in the division) never had to play Watson.They also get to play the worst teams in the opposing divisions because of how poorly they preformed last year.

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-DeMarco Murray has been plagued by injuries even thought he refuses to take a game or two off.

-Starting guard Quinton Spain has struggled through injuries since Week 7.

-The Titans had to face the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road on a short week, which is just about the hardest task you could face.

And there is more if you want to get down to specific incidents like the 14 points swing in Miami.

Either way, the Titans may have gotten a favorable result in some games, but they have also gotten the worst end of the stick more often than once this season.

Are they lucky? Sure they have had some good luck, but if you want to say that the Titans are at 7-4 based on luck and that they shouldn’t be considered favorites for any games the rest of the season…I don’t know how you can justify that.