Tennessee Titans play Houston Texans at perfect time

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 26: Jacoby Brissett /

Tennessee Titans may be hitting their peek on defense.

Let’s be honest, the first time the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans played this year it rated somewhere between a train wreck and a clown show.

However, the Titans are hitting a stride on defense that they previously didn’t look capable of in the first half of the season.

Over the first four weeks of the season the Titans defense was averaging 31.5 points per game which is just awful. On top of that, the looked outclassed by the Oakland passing attack and the massacre in Houston.

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However since then the Titans have allowed just 20 points per game. That is including playing the Steelers on a Thursday night on the road, which is about as bad of a draw as you can get.

So now that the Titans are averaging 11 less points per game, it makes sense that they have been on a much better path. On top of that, the Titans just had an 8-sack performance against a team that they only managed 1 sack on just a few weeks prior.

Now, they face a Texans team without their two best defensive players as well as with their backup QB. No one wants to see another team sustain injuries, but those are just the facts of the matter.

They now face Tom Savage at QB who has managed to lead the NFL in fumbles in just six starts this year. Again, not to pile on but they also just lost starting left tackle Chris Clark to IR.

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So to summarize really quickly:

-The Titans defense is allowing 11 points less per game since they faced they last Texans.

-They get to come home after two road games.

-Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan and the rest of the front seven are coming off of their best game of the season with 8 sacks.

-The Texans have their backup QB in who leads the NFL in fumbles lost.

Now the Titans could still lose this matchup, divisional matchups are always tough. However, that looks like a recipe for disaster to me. Hopefully the Titans realize how important this matchup is and they can make a statement this weekend at home.