Time Tennessee Titans make a real offensive adjustment


The Tennessee Titans need to make changes on offense, now.

If you are Tennessee Titans OC Terry Robiskie, the last few weeks need to be a wake up call to you.

While I don’t expect a fundamental shift in the offense, there are clearly things that need to change. I decided to go with the two biggest changes I wanted to see in the running game and in the passing game.

The first one is the most obvious because it has been stated over and over, but I am not sure people will be as aware of the second one.

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Start Derrick Henry and call different plays that suit your running backs.

This seems so obvious, and yet here we are in the last five games of the season arguing with the coaching staff as to whether DeMarco Murray or Derrick Henry should be the starter.

Let me answer this with two tweets from Brian Baldinger from this past game:

You have one running back running away from space and one running back finding space, if they had no names on the back of their jersey and you didn’t know the salaries of both players you would choose to play the second running back more right?

I just don’t get why this isn’t abundantly clear, but if you needed to see it in stats look below:

Murray: 3.5 YPC, longest run 75-yard TD, carries of 20+ yards: 2, five TDs

Henry: 4.6 YPC, longest run 72-yard TD, carries of 20+ yards: 3, three TDs

Now this isn’t to say that Murray doesn’t have a valuable skill set. He is one of the best pass catching backs in the NFL and he is a decent pass protector. He definitely has a role in this offense as a redzone and 3rd down running back.

I know this is a matter of pride and promises, but you can get more out of playing both running backs by using them correctly.

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  • Get Jonnu Smith back involved

    This offense is based off of the tight ends whether you want it to be or not. Delanie Walker is amazing and has a case for the best TE to ever wear a Titans uniform, no offense to the great Frank Wycheck.

    But we saw Marcus Mariota find him for a long pass despite being covered by four defenders on Sunday. If you know that he is going to get so much attention, get Jonnu Smith more involved.

    Smith is probably more athletic than Walker and he has looked tough to tackle in his own right. If you have Rishard Matthews, Delanie Walker, Corey Davis, DeMarco Murray, and Jonnu Smith on the field on 3rd down who is going to get the least amount of respect?

    Smith can be a mismatch in the NFL which already struggles to cover one TE, much less two. Look towards getting him involved at all levels of the field and use him in deceptive ways like FB/wing/upback/trips formation/etc.

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    For a team that needs to be less predictable, this should be an easy remedy and one that you don’t have to redesign the playbook for. Use your athletic players wisely and find ways to get them into mismatches.

    Robiskie has said before that he doesn’t design plays for specific players, which just makes no sense to me. Hopefully these two changes make sense to him and he can bend that thinking a little bit.