Do Tennessee Titans inactives hint toward offensive change


Today is going to be a strange day for the Tennessee Titans offense.

The inactives came out for the Tennessee Titans today, and it was anything but routine.

There was a lot of speculation that with Harry Douglas being called up, that Rishard Matthews would miss this game to nurse a hamstring injury.

Those thoughts were confirmed when the Titans left him on the inactive list today. That wasn’t the only starter not active though.

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For the first time in a long time, the Titans are going to play a game without a fullback active. Former 4th round pick Jalston Fowler is also inactive.

ESPN analyst Cameron Wolfe (also friend of the Titan Sized Podcast), has an idea about those inactives.

It is strange to imagine an offensive scheme change in the later stages of the season, but there is a good reason why that could have happened.

For one thing, the Titans run game has been an issue out of tight formations. The issue gets worse when you watch the RBs miss clear rushing lanes created by the offensive line.

Another reason why this change might be happening is because fans have been crying out for more hurry-up offense, and three wide receiver sets could facilitate that better and give you a more versatile offense.

The most important thing about this change might not be the why, but how. The “how” behind this change could be because the Titans had a long week after the Thursday night game.

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That extra time and the inept offense in that game, may have prompted someone to force Robiskie to stop calling plays from the 90s, and brought him into this millennia.

Exotic Smashmouth is a name I hate, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. However, when the RBs aren’t hitting the holes and when the big plays aren’t coming on the ground, you are left in terrible situations like 2nd and 12 and 3rd and 8+.

No one can thrive in those situations and if that is a constant issue, then you have to change the way you gameplan. We will find out today if enough was enough, or if this is all just wishful thinking based on the breadcrumbs in front of us.