Tennessee Titans bring veteran WR back into the fold

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 11: Wide receiver Harry Douglas
NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 11: Wide receiver Harry Douglas /

Harry Douglas will rejoin the Tennessee Titans today.

This has been a week that has taken a weird turn for the Tennessee Titans at the wide receiver position.

Let’s go through a brief timeline of what has happened.


On the Mike Mularkey Show, reports were that they team was remarkably healthy at this point in the season. The thoughts were that the whole team would practice this week.

During that interview Mularkey said that while Harry Douglas could theoretically return, but that he most likely wouldn’t to that to Douglas who they thought would need time to really get back into the groove.

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Rishard Matthews misses practice with a hamstring tweak, but the team is optimistic it is no big deal.


Matthews again misses practice and he will be a gametime decision.


The Titans activate Harry Douglas and waive Darius Jennings, according to Jim Wyatt.

So, there are two lines of thinking here that make sense to me. On one hand, it looks a lot like the Rishard Matthews injury scares the Titans. IF that is the case, it makes sense that they bring up Douglas to be the 4th WR and move everyone up a spot on the depth chart.

That is a very safe approach and with how tricky hamstring injuries can be, it makes sense to be cautious.

On the other hand, the team just could be ready for Douglas to be on the active roster. He may not even be active this week and he could take the spot on the gameday scratches that has been held by Jennings.

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Douglas is a respected member of the team both by coaches and by players. Returning a week early could be because Douglas is pleading with the team to get back on the roster and they respect him so much that they don’t see the harm in having him on the 53-man roster, but inactive.

Or it could be none of this all together, maybe with the Matthews injury they just leave someone else inactive and keep an extra WR just to be safe. Who knows, but the most interesting part of the week is that Mularkey is doing something he didn’t see himself doing on Tuesday.