Tennessee Titans should care about the Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 9: Tight end Gary Barnidge
CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 9: Tight end Gary Barnidge /

Whether you know it or not the Tennessee Titans care about the Cleveland Browns.

The Tennessee Titans are in the driver’s seat for the playoffs. Whether they are going to win the AFC South is up for debate, but they have the inside track on the wildcard race.

As of today the WC standings look like this:

(The number to the side is the game difference between the Titans and that team, half points means the Titans either beat that team or lost to them)

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5th seed: Tennessee Titans

6th seed: Baltimore Ravens (-1.5)

Teams out of the WC:

-Buffalo Bills (-1)

-Miami Dolphins (-1.5)

-Houston Texans (-1.5)

-Oakland Raiders (-1.5)

-New York Jets (-2)

-LA Chargers (-2)

-Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

There are two teams that Titans fans should really get behind to keep those teams at bay. First, the New England Patriots.

I know, it is hard cheering for blue-bloods like the Patriots, but they did give us Jon Robinson (in a roundabout way) so they aren’t all bad. They could also give the Titans a WC spot this year.

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The Patriots play the Dolphins and Bills twice in the remaining weeks. They also play the Jets once as well. If they win those games, it would essentially put all three of those teams out of the hunt for the WC barring them winning out in their other games.

The other team is the titular Cleveland Browns. The Browns play the Bengals, Chargers and Ravens over the next six games. If they can win any of those games, they would be a huge stumbling block for the other teams.

Two teams that have nothing in common could both do the Titans favors keeping the other teams at bay. It is all a moot point if the Titans play well down the stretch, but if they don’t then these wins could help.