By the Numbers: The Tennessee Titans are Right Where They Should Be

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 16: Marcus Mariota
PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 16: Marcus Mariota /

While most Tennessee Titans fans were enjoying Sunday preparing for Thanksgiving, I was digging into the Titans’ season statistics.

The Tennessee Titans are currently 6-4 coming out of Week 11. To some that is an excellent start to the season, but to others it is an utter disappointment. The Titans play in arguably the weakest division in football and have really underwhelmed thus far in the season. In fact, based on some of these numbers, the Titans should have a worse record. Luckily, the team is sitting in second place in the AFC South. One really positive sign is that the Titans are 4-1 at home at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Having a good home field advantage is always an excellent way to have a great season. Let’s check out the team numbers on the season and show why the Titans may not be playing as well as it seems.


According to, the Tennessee Titans are 20th in total yards on the season. That is in the bottom half of the league. To make matters worse, the Titans average 209.9 yards passing per game. That is good enough for 22nd in the league. Granted, Marcus Mariota was injured earlier in the season and wide receiver Corey Davis missed most of the year as well. That has no doubt affected the passing numbers. Mariota was supposed to take the next step this season and has been held back. In a passing league, the Titans need to catch up to the rest of the league to compete for the Super Bowl.

Along with the passing yards, the Titans are 12th in rushing yards. This statistic should come as no surprise because the running game is the focal point of the offense. With guys like DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry and even Marcus Mariota, the Titans running attack should be in the top five in the league. Those are two Heisman Trophy winners and an Offensive Player of the Year (2014). Those three guys along with the one of the top offensive lines in football is a recipe for a top flight running attack. Considering that in 2016 the Titans were third in the NFL in rushing yards, this season has been disappointing so far. With these middle of the road yardage statistics, the Titans’ record makes complete sense.

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This is the most telling statistic of all. The Titans are currently 14th in the league in scoring with an average of 22.2 points per game (per That places the Titans in the exact spot that they are currently in right now standings-wise. According to the ESPN power ranking before Week 11, the Titans are considered to be the 12th best team in the NFL. At the end of the day, if a team can score in the NFL, they have a very good shot to have success. 22.2 points a game is decent, but that will not win a Super Bowl.

The Titans have plenty of potential on offense and need to show it more this season. There is no need to make excuses anymore for poor performances. It is time to hold the coaching staff and the offense accountable for the play on the field. The time is now for the Tennessee offense to turn itself around.