More praise for top-10 QB Marcus Mariota

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 05: Marcus Mariota
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 05: Marcus Mariota /

Marcus Mariota may be the best QB Tennessee Titans fans see the rest of the year.

Let’s pretend for a second that you are a Tennessee Titans fan that doesn’t watch all the NFL game, just the ones where Tennessee plays.

If that was true, then according to NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal Marcus Mariota will be the best QB that you see for the rest of the year. In fact, outside of Russell Wilson he is the best QB you have seen all year.

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On Rosenthal’s list of top quarterbacks, Mariota is all the way up to number nine ahead of the likes of Big Ben, Derek Carr, Cam Newton and Phil Rivers.

Now it is easy to ignore this because it isn’t effusive praise calling him a top-5 QB or anything, so is the top-10 really that big of a deal? Well, yes of course it is.

Think about it like this, in 2.5 years Marcus Mariota is already the Titans 4th most productive QB in terms of passing touchdowns. That means that he has already passed 31 other QBs in the franchise’s history, and many of those players played in more games than Mariota.

Not only that, but seeing with our own eyes how quickly the offense can grind to a halt if Matt Cassel has to come in, you get a sense of how important he is to the team.

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Is he an MVP candidate? No, he has made some mistakes this year and without a running game he has had issues getting this Titans offense rolling. Despite that, he has lead the team to an average of over 26 points when he is on the field.

Marcus Mariota makes this offense go and he helped guide the team to wins against some of the best defenses in football. It is good to see that he is getting national attention despite a statline that isn’t gaudy.