Tennessee Titans could add a former Pro Bowler

DENVER, CO - JANUARY 11: Vontae Davis
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 11: Vontae Davis /

Tennessee Titans could add some talented depth soon.

During the trade deadline a name kept popping up that I thought the Tennessee Titans should have taken a look at.

While there were rumors of former Pro Bowlers and talented players littering all social media platforms, most of those got waved away when the players didn’t get moved.

One player that still looks very much like he won’t be with his current team next year is Vontae Davis CB for the Indianapolis Colts.

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No one bit when they were trying to move him earlier in the week and now he didn’t make the trip to Houston for the game on Sunday. This is very clearly not an injury issue as every report (including the one below) has stated.

What this looks like to me is that both sides are mad at each other. On one hand, the Davis is mad that the Colts tried to trade him despite him being their only good player on defense.

On the other hand, the Colts are mad (as you can tell with how they are telling everyone that he isn’t injured and it isn’t personal reasons) that he isn’t taking the potential move the way they wanted him to.

I think the two just need a breakup at this point and the Titans should be the rebound.

I am not talking about a long term deal or anything, but giving him a two year contract for $5 million or something similar makes a lot of sense.

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The Titans have extra space on the roster that they aren’t really using with Brandon Weeden still being on the team. So adding another player wouldn’t make a difference to any of the active game day starters.

This seems like a smart move with almost no downside to me. The upside is that you get one of the best boundary CBs in the NFL for almost nothing and you can match him up with Adoree Jackson and Logan Ryan in the slot.