Do any Tennessee Titans deserve to be midseason All-Pros?

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 24: Taylor Lewan /

Tennessee Titans have at least one player deserving of midseason accolades.

This week I have seen a lot of midseason All-Pro lists. Rarely does a Tennessee Titans name pop up.

However, I really think that there are two guys that deserve to be on those lists. It just so happens that there is one on offense and one on defense.

The first player on my list feels like he has been in the league for a long time anchoring this offensive line, but he is only 26 years old.

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Taylor Lewan LT

What left tackle in the NFL is as athletic as Taylor Lewan and as constantly productive as Lewan. So far this year there isn’t one.

You can say Tyron Smith or David Bakhtiari, but honestly Smith had some down moments early in the season and the Packers OT can’t stay healthy long enough to show how good he is.

No one in the NFL is doing what Lewan can do in terms of getting in front on screens, getting to the second level, holding up in pass protection, and changing the demeanor of an entire offensive line.

If you don’t have Lewan as the LT on your All-Pro ballot with the rash of injuries in the NFL, then you are propping up a guy for his name or you are trying to make a “shock” pick.

Kevin Byard FS

Is anyone in the NFL as slept on as Kevin Byard. The Titans 2nd year man was the first player in (about) a decade with a 3 interception game and I didn’t hear his name once. I get that he was playing the Browns, but if Eric Weddle or and Pittsburgh Steelers defender had that type of game they would be talked about all week even though they both play the Browns twice a year.

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Byard is the hybrid safety the NFL needs right now. Not the oversize safety/undersized linebacker that people bang the table for and then it explodes in their faces.

The MTSU product is the combination of outstanding athleticism with legendary college production. He has it all in one package and whether you need him in man coverage, zone coverage, on a blitz, or just in the box playing ball Kevin Byard is one of the best in the NFL.