Losing Quinton Spain would be a big deal for Tennessee Titans

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 01: Marcus Mariota
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 01: Marcus Mariota /

Why a guard that most people don’t know is an impact player for the Tennessee Titans.

When you think about the Tennessee Titans offensive lines the first names you think about are Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin.

You are right to do that. The two are probably the best young bookends in the NFL and when your tackles get beaten consistently you have a tough time winning any game, much less winning your division.

The interior trio has their ups and downs, but Quinton Spain, Ben Jones and Josh Kline do combine to make a tough interior that can win consistently as run blockers and pass blockers.

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The problem is the Titans are facing a real chance that they may miss one of those guards this weekend with Spain dealing with a turf toe injury. While that may not appear like a big issue to some fans, analytics point to him being much better than they realize.

PFF posted their weekly observations and it was none other than the former UDFA guard that showed up next to the Tennessee Titans:

“This past week, Quinton Spain expanded his pass block streak without allowing a sack to over 500. He is now at 522 straight pass blocks without allowing a sack which is the second-longest streak for active left guards.”

Going against a staunch Baltimore Ravens front, it sure would be nice to have a guard that has been that consistent in pass protection for such a long time.

Not only that, but the chemistry between an OL is changed when you move in a new piece. The good news is that Brian Schwenke has been a Titans player for longer than every current starter on that line (ignore the preseason where he was with the Colts this year).

That is good news because it means that he has worked with all of these players at one time or another considering that he plays all three interior spots.

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In the end, chemistry is a huge factor in the offensive line. While it isn’t like they had a developmental guard that they would be excited to see get some real time (if only Sebastian Tretola had gotten it together), they do get a player with great chemistry with the rest of the line including Lewan.

While all Titans fans hope that a drop off between the two isn’t that significant, it is a bigger question mark than we may think considering how Spain has quietly been so good.