NFL Potential big names on the trade block


Should the Tennessee Titans go shopping around the NFL?

The NFL is throwing around trade rumors left and right. While the Tennessee Titans have historically stayed away from fun trades, maybe Jon Robinson will change that.

Before we start, there are some names who have been on the trade block for a little while guys like:

-Jimmy Garoppolo


-Martavis Bryant

-Cordy Glenn

-Jarvis Landry

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However, news broke that there may be a few more players with a chance to move around before the deadline.

Duane Brown OT

-There have been rumors that the Texans have been trying to move the aging tackle and his holdout certainly wasn’t helping anything.

Now claiming that conflicts with ownership were motivating factors in the holdout, Brown seemingly wants out of Houston and probably would like a bigger check.

This is an easy no from everyone involved. The Texans wouldn’t help the Titans and the Titans don’t need offensive linemen.

Jimmy Graham TE

-Remember when Jimmy Graham was good? Looking back it is surprising that his career just fell off of a cliff when separated from Drew Brees. Maybe he could return since apparently the Seahawks are trying to move him before the deadline.

Graham can’t block, so the Titans will most likely say no thanks no matter how cheap he is.

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Eric Ebron TE

-It was all over the TV yesterday that Ebron was going to be cut or released by the Detroit Lions soon because…well he just hasn’t been playing well since they drafted him.

Again, not a blocker so go ahead and ignore this name.

Basically anyone on the Colts

-Apparently if you weren’t a free agent acquisition this offseason, 2017 NFL Draft pick or if your name isn’t Andrew Luck then you are available.

I would love to have a player like Hilton on the Titans roster, but it looks like he is going to be too expensive.

The other two names that really jump out to me are Vontae Davis and Henry Anderson.

Davis would be an excellent CB in this scheme because he would get to play boundary and he could match up against bigger WRs while Adoree Jackson took care of the faster WRs. Logan Ryan could lock down the slot where he has been very good this season.

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  • Anderson is a big DL who would fit well in the Titans front and should be relatively cheap based on the fact that he won’t be a big ticket free agent without flashy numbers.

    That is about it, but I think there are some real nice names in there. In order these are the guys I would target based on the price I think it takes to get them:

    1. DRC: 4th round

    2. T.Y. Hilton: 2nd round

    3. Henry Anderson: 4th round

    4. Vontae Davis: 4th round