Marcus Mariota is the most valuable QB in the NFL

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Quarterback Marcus Mariota
NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Quarterback Marcus Mariota /

Even Tennessee Titans fans aren’t quite understanding how good Marcus Mariota is.

Marcus Mariota is a top-10 QB in the NFL, but I am not really talking about how good he is in a vacuum compared to other QBs. This is about how valuable Mariota is to this Tennessee Titans offense.

To know how good Mariota is, you first have to look at Matt Cassel.

This year with Matt Cassel in, the Titans offense scored 10 points in 6 quarters. That means that the offense run by him is worth roughly 7 points per game.

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Of course it is a limited sample size, but honestly after watching him play you can’t disagree that the Titans would be lucky to score a TD per game with Cassel in the game.

That is with the same exact cast healthy that Mariota has had in all of his best games. That offense would be the worst in the NFL by a long shot, statistically.

Alright, well then how good is Mariota? In the 4 full games that he has played this year, the Titans are averaging 30.5 points. That would be 1st in the NFL in points per game against:

-Oakland Raiders (12th best in PPG)

-Jacksonville Jaguars (7th best in PPG)

-Seattle Seahawks (6th best in PPG)

-Indianapolis Colts (32nd best in PPG)

That means that the Tennessee Titans led by Mariota would be the highest scoring unit in the NFL playing against three teams in the top-12!

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  • There is no better way to illustrate the difference in what Marcus Mariota is doing for this team right now.

    Statistically he is worth over than 23 points more than his backup QB. There is no QB in the NFL who is more valuable to his team right now.

    Mariota showed last night that not only is he able to beat a defense with just his arm, accuracy, ball placement, and recognition, but that he displays all the toughness and leadership you dream of in a franchise QB.

    I get that Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Alex Smith are all having huge years, but would their backups really lead to a 23 point drop off? I can’t imagine they would and in fact, Brady and Smith both have high quality backups behind them so I could almost guarantee it.

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    Is Mariota a top-5 QB in the NFL? I don’t know. Brady is ahead of him, but with Rodgers hurt, Matt Ryan under preforming, and the rest of the old guard fading, you could at least make that case right now.

    What I do know is that even after Mariota threw a pick-6 on a miscommunication he led his team to a 2nd half where they only failed to put up at least some points, one time.

    That is just too much evidence that he is being underrated by not only the national audience, but by the Titans own fan base. It is time to start appreciating the young star properly.