Will Tennessee Titans DC Dick LeBeau gameplan for T.Y. Hilton

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 08: Adoree' Jackson
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 08: Adoree' Jackson /

This is the week for Tennessee Titans DC Dick LeBeau to make an adjustment.

The Tennessee Titans defense was improved on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, but tonight’s game is different.

Last week the Titans faced one of the worst defenses in the NFL with no real deep threat and a QB that was flustered easily.

Despite that, they still gave up a passing touchdown and failed to make an impact with their pass rush.

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So when I look at the Indianapolis Colts roster and see T.Y. Hilton, I know the gameplan has to be different than it has been the rest of the year where the Titans just let their CBs “play ball”.

Traditional Dick LeBeau has faced 3 WR sets by putting Adoree Jackson on the defensive left side and LeShaun Sims/Brice McCain on the defensive right side. Logan Ryan has moved into the slot and worked where he works best.

I can’t stress how easy that is to plan for as an offensive coordinator. If I know that is your gameplan, I am going to put my worst receiver in the slot, my 2nd worst against Adoree Jackson, and I am going to put Hilton against Brice McCain/LeShaun Sims.

Not only will I do that, but I will figure out what makes you keep your safeties in the middle of the field or walked up. Does that mean playing with a FB? Keeping a TE in? Moving someone out to make it a 4 WR look?

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  • Whatever makes LeBeau give me that look, that is what I am doing because I know this game is only going to work in my fortune if I can get Hilton heavily involved.

    What you have to do if you are Dick LeBeau is have CBs shadow wide receivers and mix up your fronts and where your safeties play. This isn’t a new concept and I expect the longest tenured DC in the NFL to be able to do this on a long week.

    In fact, Jim Wyatt says that the Titans have discussed shadowing WRs as a gameplan option:

    The secondary showed great improvement vs. Miami. Mularkey and DC Dick LeBeau have discussed potentially matching up corners vs receivers, but it’s very much “to be determined” and would probably be done on a week to week basis.

    While Mularkey has been pretty hands off with the defense (by his own admission) the Titans need him to step up and tell LeBeau that what he is calling isn’t working.

    Play with three safeties, play with four cornerbacks, I don’t care what your adjustment is but the Titans have to be aggressive and force Jacoby Brissett to go somewhere besides to T.Y. Hilton.

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    If LeBeau doesn’t do that tonight then you will know that he is never going to do it and that anything he says otherwise is a lie or he is being forced to do it against his will. Either way, if he doesn’t do that he is essentially putting his future with the Titans on the line tonight.

    Defensive coordinators who can’t adjust to stop another team’s strength and who can’t at least get to the opposing QB can’t last in the NFL. As much respect as I have for what LeBeau’s career and legacy are, this game will be a huge factor in whether or not I have any confidence in this defense going forward.