DRC could be the Tennessee Titans missing piece

TAMPA, FL - OCTOBER 01: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
TAMPA, FL - OCTOBER 01: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie /

The Tennessee need to make a trade for a talented corner in the dog house.

Jon Robinson and the Tennessee Titans have a unique opportunity in front of them, and they should really capitalize now.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) is a really good cornerback from the New York Giants who has thrived inside and outside.

The issue is that the Giants head coach is kinda the worst. Between getting into yelling matches with players and publicly throwing his QB under the bus for his own inequity, the winless record probably has more to do with him than anything else.

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His latest misstep is that he wanted Eli Apple to get more reps so he pulled DRC from the field which was just foolish. As a result he and DRC got into an argument and Ben McAdoo suspended him indefinitely.

So now a team desperate for wins is benching a cornerback who has been one of the better DBs in the league for the last five years, because there was a disagreement.

Jon Robinson needs to go hunting and bring DRC back home (he played college ball in Nashville).

The pitch?

Jon Robinson needs to call Jerry Reese (who is still a pretty good GM despite some people throwing dirt on him) and ask what the price is to get DRC. I would emphasize the points that:
-He can’t get along with your head coach.

-He is 31.

-Right now he is costing you $7 million per year for the next two years and you need that money for offensive linemen.

-You are a winless team that is about to go through a rebuild this offseason. You need all the picks you can get.

Those are all really valid points that a cash strapped team that still needs several pieces should take into consideration.

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  • What is the cost?

    Can Robinson get him to swap a 3rd for a 4th with the Titans getting the 4th round pick back?

    If the Titans make the playoffs and the Giants pick top-5 then that could be a swing of about 20 picks.

    That may not seem like a big deal, but if the Chicago Bears had made a similar trade with the Arizona Cardinals in 2015 moving from 106 up to 86, they would have ended up with David Johnson instead of Jeremy Langford.

    So the deal should be worthwhile for both parties and I would hope that the Tennessee boys could make a deal.

    Would DRC help the Titans much?

    In a word? Yes.

    Here is why DRC is such a huge piece on a defense, he is a 6’2 CB that plays inside and outside. Not only that but he can play on either side of the field.

    What that means is that now instead of bringing in LeShaun Sims or Brice McCain to play the boundary against Nuk Hopkins, now you have DRC. So now your boundary CBs are DRC and Adoree Jackson with Logan Ryan in the slot.

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    With three CBs that tackle well and play run support well you never have to come out of your nickel package no matter what personnel the opposing team puts on the field.

    Now you have one of the best CB trios in the NFL with Ryan and DRC being two of the better versatile CBs in the NFL, and Adoree Jackson is growing into a good boundary CB right before our eyes.

    You are just spending an average of about $6.6 million on each CB. That is relatively cheap considering how much that would help a defense that can’t get to the QB hardly at all.

    One more thing, the Titans have a bye week coming up after their game against the Cleveland Browns next week. That would be a great time to integrate him fully into the defense.

    Will it happen?

    I don’t know. A lot of time I write about trades that would make sense, but this one feels different. There are a few clear reasons the Giants should think about trading DRC and there are a lot of reasons why the Titans should want him.

    They have the means, they have the motive, Robinson loves to make trades, and the Giants need picks. It just seems like a deal that makes too much sense on paper not to at least try to make something happen.