Tennessee Titans could sign Colin Kaepernick

SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 01: Colin Kaepernick
SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 01: Colin Kaepernick /

The Tennessee Titans are looking at back up quarterbacks this week.

Let’s get this out of the way first, I think Marcus Mariota will be ready to play for the Tennessee Titans by the Indianapolis Colts game and maybe even this week.

However, as much as I love Mariota his one knock is that he really hasn’t been able to stay healthy. If the team does need a long term starter at QB at any point, is Matt Cassel really the answer?

I think Cassel can do an alright job as a back up and with this team and this schedule he will probably get the Titans just under a .500 record when he is in the game.

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Still, you have to think that the Titans want more from this year. They feel they are a playoff team and they are probably right based on a pure talent standpoint.

Here are the QBs that the Titans brought in for a visit today:

Alright great. Are any of them even worth a look at the QB3? Well, I asked Jim Cobern and he was pretty clear and concise:

Then the name Colin Kaepernick seemed to start floating around. Honestly, I kinda get it from a pure play standpoint. I think he or RG3 would be interesting fits for this Titans offense in much the same way that Tyrod Taylor is a good fit with the Buffalo Bills.

Tennessee wants to run the ball and Robiskie has moved guys presnap now more than ever trying to get linebackers and DBs to shift to different spots. They have done this by motioning guys out of the backfield, but also by taking WRs from one side to the other or by using Taywan Taylor in rocket motion.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • If the endgame is to get space for the running backs and to drive the offense through them, a mobile QB is a really nice tool to have. It allows you to force someone to account for him and it gives your offensive linemen angles that they don’t normally have.

    It isn’t a coincidence that Marcus Mariota already has 3 rushing TDs this year, which nearly ties what he had in his first two years. Robiskie is trying to make it tough on LBs to decide which runner to take.

    We have already seen some wildcat looks this year as well as some 2 RB sets with Mariota between them. Robiskie is trying to out formation teams and force them to get into bad personnel sets that Mariota can hopefully exploit.

    So having a guy like Kap or RG3 on paper seems like the right move. In fact, you could even use a 2 QB offense where you have one of those two almost be the wildcat. It may make you shudder reading that, but it is just for one game for right now. ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe and friend of the podcast had a similar take.

    Also like he said, I don’t think it will happen. There is too much drama for a team that has so much positive buzz about it locally. Amy Adams Strunk has the fan base eating out of the palm of her hand with the moves she has made and I don’t think she will risk alienating them with this move.

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    So while it definitely could happen from a schematic standpoint and you could justify him being on the 53 as the QB3 going forward, I think you are much more likely to see someone like Matt Barkley join the Titans.