Tennessee Titans FA Logan Ryan can earn his contract today

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Logan Ryan /

The crowing jewel of the Tennessee Titans free agent class could make an impact today.

Adoree Jackson has been the CB that everyone has watched this year, but Logan Ryan has been quietly efficient for the Tennessee Titans.

No, he isn’t picking off passes or making huge tackles. However compared to the huge busts in coverage the Titans had last year, Ryan’s quiet presence means that he hasn’t been on the receiving ends on any huge missteps.

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Today could be the first real test for the Titans free agent acquisition as he will see DeAndre Hopkins A LOT.

Last year, the New England Patriots matched Hopkins up on Ryan in their two meetings. He averaged 5 catches for 55 yards and no touchdowns. Both matchups were blowout wins for the Patriots.

So, it makes sense that when Jon Robinson was looking to make his first real big free agent signing, his performance against the former division champs was important.

Will Dick LeBeau copy the New England style of play? That is hard to say.

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So far this year LeBeau has been confident in letting Ryan and Adoree Jackson play their respective sides of the field. Then when a nickel is asked to come on, LeShaun Sims comes in and plays boundary CB opposite Jackson and Ryan goes into the slot.

Will they really play the same way when the Houston Texans clearly have one player they want to force the ball to on every play?

Another question is could LeBeau just forgo man coverage and try to confuse him by showing man coverage and then drifting to zone after the snap to try to catch him making a mistake?

It will be really interesting to see just how important that film was of Ryan vs the Texans and how much LeBeau and Mularkey steal from that tape.

If Ryan does get matched up in man coverage and does his part against Nuk Hopkins, Titans fans should be very excited knowing that they have that option for the next few years. If not, it could be an issue that the Titans need to address this offseason.