Tennessee Titans have something in Adoree Jackson

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Leonard Fournette
JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Leonard Fournette /

Adoree Jackson looks really good so far with the Tennessee Titans.

I don’t think Tennessee Titans fans fully appreciate how good Adoree Jackson has been so far.

Sure we all know him as a return man, but he has been fairly dominant in all 4 aspects of his game. If you don’t know exactly what I am talking about, let’s look at what those 4 aspects are.

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Watching the games over again today, Adoree Jackson has had 4 pass breakups and on his other plays he has been in excellent position.

He had a great chance at an interception against Jacksonville but I think he was more worried about walling off his man and getting him to the sideline than making that play.

One of his best plays was called pass interference by a pretty crummy ref crew in Week 1. Look at how well he plays this ball:

He has been stride for stride with the likes of Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and Allen Hurns in his career already and he has come out impressive.

Run defense

Jackson’s big knock was that he was small and people had concerns about his tackling because of that. Well, those people didn’t watch him in college because that was never high on my list of issues with him.

He has a very distinct style of tackling in my eyes that I call the Alligator roll where he goes low (around the thigh or lower) and he wraps and twists quickly.

It is highly effective and it allows him to make plays in space against anyone whether it is an open field tackle on a wide receiver or taking down Leonard Fournette for a TFL.

Jackson looks great in run support and with he and Logan Ryan on the field the Titans may have two of the best tackling CBs in the NFL.

Live Feed

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  • Kick Return

    Adoree Jackson has been making smart decision in the endzone and taking knees to set the Titans up in solid field position. However his one return was for 35 yards and one hurdle.

    Now that 30 teams have played 2 games, his average is 2nd best among anyone with a return. While the sample is small, it should force kickers to kick the ball out of bounds or to angle there kickoffs which often lead to kicking out of bounds.

    The Titans are a significantly better team when they line up at or beyond the 25 yard line, and this gives Tennessee a real boost going into drives.

    Punt Return

    I mean, he just looks like a star. Even on his short returns if he has any space he will get 10 yards which is outstanding.

    Among qualified returners he is 2nd in the NFL with a 20 YPR average after 3 returns for 60 total yards. The only guy in front of him is Jamal Agnew who had a huge 88-yard return last night to skew his average higher.

    He is someone that has a chance to make a play every time the ball touches his hands and he just looks different than anything the Titans have had in a decade.

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    To sum up

    Adoree Jackson’s statline should look like this:

    -4 PBUs

    -9 tackles, 1 TFL

    -Averaging 35 yards per kick return (granted on one attempt)

    -Averaging 20 yards per return

    All of that in two games. That is very impressive and promising for a rookie cornerback in the NFL.