Tennessee Titans may avoid Jimmy Graham

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Tight end Jimmy Graham
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Tight end Jimmy Graham /

The Tennessee Titans may get lucky if the Seattle Seahawks are cautious.

Snap and clear mentality around here, as soon as a game is over we are all eyes on the next Tennessee Titans matchup.

Just kidding.

However, I want to take a small look forward with news coming out that Jimmy Graham may not actually play against the Titans when Seattle comes to Nashville.

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According to a 247 post by Derek Lewis, there is a lack of clarity on what will happen with Graham:

“While Graham’s four receptions for nine yards on 10 targets are of concern, his health may be the greater risk currently. During his postgame press conference, head coach Pete Carroll said his big play tight end banged his knee during the game but on Monday, he either added to or amended his original prognosis.

‘Jimmy’s got a sore ankle, today, too,’ Carroll said during his weekly appearance on 710 ESPN’s ‘Brock and Salk’ show. ‘I don’t know what this week’s going to be for him. I’m not sure yet.'”

Despite Graham’s slow start to the season, all Titans fans know exactly how scary an athletic tight end can be for this team.

Last year Graham seemed to be getting back on track notching 923 yards and 6 TDs in a potent Seattle Seahawks offense.

While the Titans have done a good job keeping tight ends in check so far this year, it will take a full season of good play from the safeties and linebacker before I am confident that this team has overcome that nightmare.

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This is an important issue to monitor over the next few days, so keep an eye on the injury report.

It should be noted that if they were going to sit him, they should probably do it against the Titans. It is a road game, out of conference which means that you lose some time and the game is ultimately one of the least important of the year in terms of tie-breakers.

So, if the Seahawks feel confident that this is a playoff team they may want to rest Graham and let him come back next week at full strength.