Dick LeBeau going to bend but not break with Tennessee Titans

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 10: Jalen Richard /

Maybe we shouldn’t expect a big game from the Tennessee Titans defense on Sunday.

The more I hear people around the Tennessee Titans talk, the more I am getting ready for a disappointing season from the defense.

In this article from Jim Wyatt there is a video where Mike Keith and Jon Robinson are talking. They are talking about keys to the game and they end up talking about defense and I came away unimpressed.

It sounds like they are comfortable letting teams make hay between the 20s and then trying to get aggressive in the redzone.

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If they can do that, great. However, that is much harder to do than it sounds and it means that you are going to end up without a lot of splash plays.

Maybe it won’t be like that against every team, but it sure sounded like that is what Jon Robinson thought the defensive gameplan was. The NFL today really doesn’t work like that.

Unless you have a dominant front four, you need to be able to send pressure in a variety of ways. To do that, you can’t always play back or with a cushion.

I think as the year goes on we will see more aggressive schemes, but right now I think LeBeau is going to try to rely on his front four to generate a rush.

Notice I said front four there too because Brian Orakpo is used as an off the ball linebacker a fair share, which is something that can’t continue throughout the regular season.

The Tennessee Titans need to find an aggressive identity soon or make plays in the redzone combined with turnovers. If you can’t do either then you are doomed to be a bad defense in the NFL.

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If the Titans don’t finish well on the defense, this offseason could bring some change on that side of the ball with guys like Chuck Pagano and Todd Bowles potentially being let go and needing new homes.

In addition to that, the Titans are pretty set on offense and they have the resources to re-tool a defense in a single season, or at least make big strides towards it. So it makes even more sense to change some things up if the defense holds the team back this season.