Tennessee Titans: Kevin Mawae should be in the Hall of Fame


One of the best offensive linemen in Tennessee Titans history deserves to make The Hall.

For as badly as it ended with Kevin Mawae, Tennessee Titans should be rooting for Mawae to make it to the Hall of Fame.

I first saw that Mawae would be a candidate for the Hall of Fame in this article from Jim Wyatt at Titans Online. While I knew he was a candidate last year, he was weeded out in the top-10 phase.

That is really close to making it and this could be the year that he goes in.

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Some fans may not remember just how great Kevin Mawae was with Tennessee, and he didn’t get there until he was 35 years old.

While his “prime” may have been with the New York Jets, he had a dominant four year stretch as a part of one of the league’s best offensive lines.

During his time in Tennessee, look at where the Titans finished in rushing yards:

2006: 5th

2007: 5th

2008: 7th

2009: 2nd

Then immediately after he left the team, they fell all the way down to 17th. That is a huge swing, but it is exactly what you would expect when you lose a Hall of Fame anchor.

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  • Mawae was a leader with the Titans and he was one of the most physical players in the league during a time when finesse was becoming the trend.

    During Mawae’s career, the only player that I think could be argued as a rival was Olin Kreutz of the Chicago Bears. Both can make the argument that they were the best centers in the NFL at that time.

    If there is only one other man in the conversation for best at your position for a decade of your career, to me that makes you a Hall of Famer to me. Dominance and consistency are rare to find together and Mawae had both.

    While some players have “Tennessee Titans” on their resume, but never really showed up by the time they got to Nashville, Mawae seemed to give everything he had until he retired. That deserves to be praised, remembered and honored.