Tennessee Titans should sign Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Chris Johnson (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

The Tennessee Titans should add a new 3rd RB.

Relax and listen to what I am saying. I don’t believe the Tennessee Titans should bring back Chris Johnson for sentimental reasons, I think it makes real sense.

In case you missed it, the Arizona Cardinals released Chris Johnson today making him an interesting name on the free agent market.

First of all, the Titans have two running backs who are more plodding, pounding backs than anything else.

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While Chris Johnson isn’t in his prime, he has averaged over 4 yards per carry of the last two years. He is a slashing back that attacks space and who has learned to take the short gain instead of trying to cut back and make a huge play.

Secondly, it isn’t like he is competing with anyone. Has anyone really stood out to you in the preseason as a different running back? David Fluellen is fine, but he isn’t dynamic in any way.

Johnson would at least give you something different.

Lastly, he is going to be cheap and he is going to help spell the top two running backs.

While I do believe in a RB getting in a rhythm, I think it is more important that they stay fresh. With Murray getting a little older and with Henry not exactly looking explosive, a run-based offense needs a 3rd guy to take 5-7 carries per game.

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It doesn’t look like much on the surface but it ends up being 80-115ish snaps per year. That means you can have something like a 45-45-10 split.

While I said it wasn’t for nostalgia, it doesn’t hurt that he gave Tennessee Titans fans someone to cheer for during a stretch where the team was running out of their glory days. He was the face of the franchise for nearly half a decade.

Having him come back to Tennessee to end his career on route to topping 10,000 career rushing yards would be a fitting end to his time in the NFL. It would leave Titans fans with a good image in their heads if he ever somehow made the Hall of Fame or at least the Ring of Honor.