Tennessee Titans rookie who should earn a spot tonight

MORGANTOWN, WV - NOVEMBER 01: Clint Trickett
MORGANTOWN, WV - NOVEMBER 01: Clint Trickett /

The Tennessee Titans have a number crunch on their hands, but this rookie should make the roster.

The end of the preseason is here and it feels like just yesterday we were watching the Tennessee Titans take on the New York Jets.

Now that we are here, there is a lot to wonder and a lot of speculation. The Titans roster will be cut in half over the next four days with players some of have never seen being picked up on waivers.

Before that, Tennessee has to figure out which 53 players they would keep out of this current group.

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One player that I think could earn a spot tonight is Josh Carraway.

The rookie from TCU has done nothing but impress on film. He has done well as a run stopper and a pass rusher.

He has the speed and explosiveness to give offensive tackles a nightmare. In fact, other than he and Aaron Wallace, no one on this team can consistently do that.

Carraway is a breath of fresh air that uses his hands well and forces QBs off their ideal launch point. That will be critical against QBs that can’t move well in the pocket.

On top of that, he has shown flashes of being able to set an edge in the run game. He doesn’t have a ton of size, but he is aggressive and knows how to use leverage to his advantage.

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Now one of his knocks is that he hasn’t brought down QBs enough. Against Carolina he was in the backfield consistently but he just failed to finish the play. Against Joe Webb it resulted in a long run for a first down.

Now, that is fine going against Blake Bortles and most slower QBs, but it won’t work against Andrew Luck.

I believe tonight against Patrick Mahomes a sack would go a long way towards selling him to this coaching staff. He has a chance to be a splash player and this defense needs as many of those as they can get.