Tennessee Titans potential trade options for Kevin Dodd

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 10: Reggie Ragland
TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 10: Reggie Ragland /

What could the Tennessee Titans do with Kevin Dodd.

The Tennessee Titans have seen what this team looks like now for three preseason games, it is almost time to tweak the roster.

Before we start, know that I sort of hate posting stuff like this. I don’t want you to misconstrue this as me hating Kevin Dodd. I don’t, I wish he was an All-Pro by now and on his way to the Hall of Fame.

However, the NFL is a business and Kevin Dodd is a asset as are all players. Unfortunately it looks like is just a bad fit for the Titans and they need to find a way to recoup some value from selecting him.

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They have three options.

A. Keep him and hope he improves.

B. Trade him while people in the NFL might still think they can salvage him and fit him into their scheme.

C. Cut him.

I don’t think they will do the last option, but the first two are definitely on the table.

While I understand they may like him, from what we have all seen from Dodd he just doesn’t make an impact when he is on the field.

On Twitter, I asked what compensation it would take right now for fans to be happy about a Kevin Dodd trade. Here are some of the answers I got:

So a lot of people think that a pick lower than where he was drafted is what they would accept. I would lean more towards a Day 3 pick right now, but that is because I think GMs value picks slightly too highly.

Obviously one option is to trade him for picks, but there are players that make sense too. Here is a short list of those who I think could be targeted.

Buffalo Bills: Reggie Ragland LB

This is sort of the perfect trade in my mind. Ragland is an ILB who can pound in the run game, but who has just not caught on in Buffalo. Meanwhile, the Titans have coached up linebackers very well.

In just two years we have seen both Aaron Wallace and Jayon Brown look very good, and Wesley Woodyard is playing some of the best football of his career.

Swapping out 2nd round picks from the 2016 NFL Draft makes sense for both teams and you could reunite Dodd with his fellow booked Shaq Lawson.

San Francisco 49ers: Aaron Lynch EDGE

This is a pipe dream for me because I wanted the Titans to draft Lynch when he came out. However, it does make sense for both teams.

With the big bodies on the front line, it looks like the 49ers are trying to build a wall to let their linebackers flow more freely. Lynch is a good pass rusher, but for some reason the 49ers seem to be ready to cut bait with him based on his snap count.

I think he would be a great backup to Brian Orakpo or Derrick Morgan, so go ahead and take that shot.

Based on this tweet, these teams could also be looking for an end like Dodd:

Those are teams that I can’t find anyone I love on their roster, but who Jon Robinson could call up and make a deal with if he likes anyone.

Trading with the Bucs for a guy like Luke Stocker. In case you don’t know, he is a TE/FB who was signed to an extension when Jon Robinson came in with the new front office regime.

His ability on special teams and as a blocker might lead Jon Robinson to see him as a potential upgrade to Philip Supernaw.

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Guys like Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Will Holden, Dorian Johnson, Chase Roullier, Jeremy Sprinkle and others from this year’s draft also intrigue me but I don’t know if they would be ready to cut bait. Although all these teams need EDGE help badly other than the Cardinals.

If the Titans staff is really sold on Dodd, by all means keep him and let him grow. However, if you get a good offer you would not only add that guy in a trade, but you could keep Josh Carraway who will likely get cut if Dodd stays.

That math makes it hard for me to pass up on a trade, but I don’t know the offers and I don’t see practice so ultimately you have to trust Jon Robinson to make the right call.