Tennessee Titans surprise cut won’t be Tajae Sharpe


People are talking about the wrong players as the Tennessee Titans surprise cut.

For all the hot take that we have had over the last few weeks, none got more traction than Tajae Sharpe as a possible surprise cut for the Tennessee Titans.

I get that they are tight at that position, but I just don’t see any way that he is a cut.

For one thing, if the Tennessee Titans wanted to cut him, they could have just put him on IR with his foot injury and he wouldn’t have counted against the roster.

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They could have had him as a developmental type player and a possible replacement for Eric Decker if they don’t re-sign him.

Another reason why is he has just been too talented and productive. He is one of a handful of Titans that have had 500 receiving yards or more in their rookie season.

He met every reasonable goal that the Titans could have asked for and he came on late in the season, showing that there was upside to look at.

On top of all that he is young and cheap, two things that help you build a roster down the road.

So no, I don’t think Sharpe will be the cut. I do however have my thoughts about who could be the Titans surprise cut.

This is my list from least, to most surprising.

5. David Fluellen

Likelihood: Medium

-Fluellen looks really good as a running back, but I just don’t know that this team can afford to keep four running backs (if you include Jalston Fowler).

Now, I will say that he has made a strong case, but the general consensus is that he doesn’t do anything really on special teams (I know he had a tackle Saturday) and he might not even be active on gamedays.

Guys like that are already on the fringe. Speaking of which…

4. Harry Douglas

Likelihood: Medium

-If you have heard me on the Titansized podcast you know that I don’t want the Titans to cut Douglas. I think he is consistent and a reliable presence that Marcus Mariota can lean on in the passing game.

He is a high-end backup wide receiver in the NFL and he is a great presence in the locker room. I think they would really like to keep him even give his age, salary and special teams limitations.

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  • 3. Tim Lelito

    Likelihood: Low

    -Again, the Titans are a team that has much more talent than in the past. By carrying so many wide receivers and special teamers, I don’t know that they can afford to have 9 linemen on the roster.

    If the Titans have a younger guy like Josue Matias that isn’t practice squad eligible then they could keep the younger, cheaper guy if all things are equal.

    I don’t think they will cut him because he can be a good backup G/C, but he hasn’t impressed like I thought he would.

    2. Sylvester Williams

    Likelihood: Low

    -Williams has not jumped off the page for the Titans this preseason. Rarely do nose tackle make an impact, but when Dick LeBeau says he wants you in the defense because he can do some good stuff with you that is a sign that things are expected of you.

    Instead, fans have seen a rotation at nose tackle and there is a lot of praise for guys behind Williams.

    This could just be lighting a fire under Williams, but if this team likes someone else they may cut bait.

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    1. Kevin Dodd

    Likelihood: Low

    -Dodd has had a really rough preseason. He played 37 snaps in the first game (52%) of the preseason against a bad offensive line.

    He followed that up by playing 31 snaps (53%) vs the Carolina Panthers in game two.

    That is a lot of snaps to end up without a tackle according to NFL.com.

    I don’t think it is time to call it a career or anything, but I don’t think you can justify putting him with the 2nd line of pass rushers based off of this preaseason.

    If we are all honest with ourselves you have been more excited when Aaron Wallace and Josh Carraway have been rushing the passer than when Kevin Dodd is out there. That is really telling given that Wallace was drafted five rounds after Dodd and Carraway is a rookie.

    Now, he may heal up and be a much bigger factor than I am expecting, but like I said after that game tape he has a lot more questions than answers.