Tennessee Titans made a great move signing Johnathan Cyprien

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 11: Jonathan Cyprien /

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson may have made another great move last offseason.

It is no secret that Tennessee Titans fans love singing the praises of Jon Robinson.

He has made so many great moves and even the ones that aren’t perfect or the ones that didn’t happen seem to work out in the end.

So when he decided the Titans should sign Johnathan Cyprien as one of their first free agents this past offseason, I was skeptical but optimistic.

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I knew that Kevin Byard needed a safety to pair with him and Cyprien was the ideal fit. He was physical in the run game and he could even line up in the box. He was the perfect player to allow Byard to play back and just hunt for the ball no matter where it is.

That was my thought at the time, but there is another player he is perfect for: Jayon Brown.

Now, there is no way they could have known they would land Brown when the signed Cyp, but the fit is great none the less.

Brown’s biggest question mark is his ability to come down and strike in the running game. Well, that isn’t an issue if you go ahead and bring Cyp down in the box right?

So you can run a defense with a striker and and a cover man at each level. You have Byard and Cyp on the back-end and Avery Williamson/Wesley Woodyard and Brown in the middle of the defense.

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You can mix and match blitzes and disguise things knowing that you have that versatility now. It doesn’t work if you just have a pair of run stoppers or cover men at each level either.

It is this flexibility that should let the Titans shift from man to zone easily this offseason and it is thanks in large part to a strong safety and a 5th round linebacker. Not the flashiest signings, but additions that may put Tennessee into the playoffs this year.

Now there is a ways to go before we crown this defense as one of the best defenses in the NFL, but if these new Titans pan out the way you hope then this could be the year they take that step forward.