Tennessee Titans to face top rookie QB vs Chicago Bears

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 19: Mitchell Trubisky
GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 19: Mitchell Trubisky /

The Tennessee Titans will be the first real challenge the Chicago Bears rookie QB faces.

Despite some reports to the contrary, the Tennessee Titans will be facing Mike Glennon to start the third preseason game.

However, the Titans have already said that they plan to play their starters into the 3rd quarter of this game.

That means that the first, 1st team defense that the rookie sees will be Jurrell Casey and the Titans front.

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First let’s talk about Glennon and Trubisky:

Glennon has had an underwhelming preseason, passing for 109 yards with a 57.7% completion percentage. He also is averaging just 4.2 yards per throw, which is just a rough number.

He is also one of only 10 quarterbacks to throw 2 or more interceptions this preseason, but 7 of those QBs had more attempts than Glennon.

So, like I said he has been underwhelming at best and he is probably going to see the bench sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, Mitchell Trubisky has been very good this preseason, albeit against 3rd and 4th string guys mostly.

Comparing the numbers from earlier, Trubisky has thrown for 226 yards with a 72.7% completion percentage.

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Still, the yards per attempt here is a big issue. While he has been really efficient with and against backups, he only has a 6.8 YPA. That would be 45th in the NFL right now.

The Titans 1st string defense should face both of these QBs and I would love to see a dominant day from both. I expect that this might be the game where one of the Tennessee DBs finally gets a turnover.